Why An Electronic Pest Repellent Is a Good Idea

The Nature of the Pest

Bugs, insects, and spiders are absolutely everywhere in the billions and it is said that wherever you go, you are always less than 2 metres away from a spider. While the majority of spiders are completely harmless, someone suffering from arachnophobia is going to be very unhappy to be sharing a house with them.

Eradicating pests permanently has always proved notoriously difficult. Bugs are part of a natural ecosystem and many of them such as bees perform essential tasks in pollinating out fruits, vegetables and flowers, though they do not make good housemates. Aside from the damage they can cause to your home, as termites alone cause five billion dollars in damages each year just in the USA, they can also spread diseases, so they need to be either eradicated or persuaded to move somewhere else.

Standard Lines of Defense

Aside from your home being warm and dry, pests are also looking for something to eat and the more food we leave lying around, the more they will feel at home. Number one on the list of things to do is to keep the house clean and tidy at all times, ensuring that crumbs are thoroughly cleaned up and those dry goods are placed in airtight containers, to prevent anything getting to them. While it is almost impossible to completely seal the entrances to our homes, the more cracks and gaps you can fill reduces potential entry points. Creatures like cockroaches absolutely love the taste of paper, so avoid collecting piles of old newspapers, magazines, and cardboard.

Chemical and Non-Chemical Approaches

If you visit your local supermarket, you will undoubtedly find numerous poisons for rodents and ants as well as sprays that can deal with the bugs and pests that we can see or are aware of. They do have their hazards though, as many a dead pet found that ate the rat poison. Many of those sprays contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to us to breathe in, so of course, you need to keep them out of the reach of children and pets. There are other options to be found in most kitchens that can be equally effective. White vinegar, for instance, is extremely effective against ants, which cannot abide the strong smell that affects their natural scent trails and leaves them totally disorientated. A simple and effective, nice-smelling spray can be made from mixing water with lavender or lemongrass, with mint, cayenne pepper, turmeric, cinnamon and even cucumber being good natural repellents.

The Electronic Alternative

While certain claims have been made about the use of ultrasonic devices to keep pests away, there are many questions about how effective it is. The electromagnetic option, though, seems to be highly effective. Trusted companies like Pest Free USA manufactures electronic pest control that you will find very useful. The device operates by sending short bursts of electromotive force through the wiring of your home, at a frequency far above human hearing, but which targets the pests. Insects communicate by vibration, which is disturbed by these bursts, making your home suddenly become a very hostile place, which they will have no option other than to vacate.

It is extremely cost-effective to run, has no smells or use of any chemicals, and is completely maintenance-free and long-lasting. Quite simply, it is the most sensible and safe system to use to eradicate pests from your home permanently.

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