Ways to Make Money When You Have An Impressive Singing Voice

An impressive singing voice is a natural gift that not too many people get. Hence, it is important to share this talent with the world and achieve as much as possible. Thankfully, for singers, doing so is not that difficult nowadays. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for singers is projected to rise by 10% by 2020. All it takes is some creative marketing concepts to make a healthy living off one’s singing voice. Even though not everyone can be expected to become a world-renowned pop star, here are some excellent ways to make money if you have an impressive singing voice and wish to apply your talent to earn a living.

Singing Demos
Most songwriters in the music industry are not professional singers. Hence, the songs that they write for busy pop stars usually need to be tested by a semi-professional singer. These semi-professional singers are required to come into the studio and test out different versions of the song.
How to become a demo singer – A singer with an impressive voice should visit local recording studios and meet with the studio managers giving them a CD with samples of original songs to get recommendations. Songwriters usually pay around $25-$100 for each song trial. This comprises of the preparation time and all the takes that are required to get the song right. The aspiring singer should just get a lyric sheet, practice the song, come into the studio to record and leave with cash and future prospects.
Backup Singer
Once a singer has become a demo singer, it will invariably lead to further contacts and referrals. If as a singer you keep on impressing, there are high chances that you will get picked up to be a backup singer at a concert. Not only does that offer great pay, the future prospects of becoming a professional singer are great as well. Bryshere Y Gray for instance, used to be a backup singer for Jay-Z. He sang and impressed and now, by simply looking at Bryshere Y Gray Net Worth, you can understand the prospects that come with being a backup singer.
Internet Concerts
This may sound strange but people on the internet nowadays are willing to listen to singers sing two or three songs for a few minutes. $5-10 can be earned by just singing a song. Websites such as Fiverr, Skype and various others present a platform for singers with impressive voices to take up requests and make good part-time money as well.
There are a lot of advantages of being a jingle singer. Not only is the pay very good, the work is also easy and there is an added bonus of receiving long term royalties. All you need to do is visit jingle studios, participate in an audition process and repeat that process of singing until good work comes up.
For singers who have a unique and impressive voice, the future is bright. All it takes is hard-work and knowledge about how the music industry offers opportunities in several forms.

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