Summer Day Trips Made Easy

When the suns beating down and you find yourself with a free 24 hours to spend with your friends, family or partner, its a lovely idea to head out of your home and find a little private spot in nature to relax with those closest to you. You might live near a lake or forest, rivers, mountains or the seashore; wherever you would tend to go on a sunny day with family, youre going to need the following things to get you on your way so that you can enjoy peace and tranquility on a summers day.

Choose a Spot

When youre heading out to enjoy the sun in different climes - maybe you all fancy the shade of a forest of trees or the cooling value of a lively nearby river - you should plan in advance where exactly youre going. Theres no use in heading roughly towards the sea, a mountain, or a river - youll find that only certain roads get you close enough. Get on Google Maps and do your research.


In order to get somewhere suitably private, youll need your own transport. If youre a family - or if you like to do things with multiple friends - a larger car is more appropriate, while any off-roading might require a 4x4. If youre unsure on what car would be best for you, speak to a professional at a trusted Honda dealership Edinburgh. They can advise you on new and used cars, with your intentions in mind. Without using a private car, youre unlikely to get very far away from the crowds on a sunny weekend.

Food and Drink

Tucked neatly inside the trunk of your vehicle, youll want to pack it with some tasty snacks and drinks and, depending on how long you intend to spend in your chosen spot, possibly a prepared meal. The best kind of food for this sort of adventure is a picnic complete with dried meats and cheeses, pastries, fruit and vegetables - the possibilities are endless. A cool box might be a good idea for iced drinks and cooled ingredients.

Optional Extras

Think bat-and-ball, football, soccer ball, Frisbee, chess, even drones - anything that your family or your friends will enjoy playing with while you relax in the natural world. You might like to bring a portable speaker to play some relaxing tunes, or a blanket with cushions so that you can properly relax instead of hunching. If youre still there when night falls and would like to make a fire, firelighters and a source of a flame will be vital, and marshmallows and sticks will be a lovely extra touch. For added indulgence, bring along marshmallows and Graham crackers for delicious Smores.

Be Respectful

Youre lucky to have a gorgeous smear of nature close by so that you can sit and enjoy it on a spare day with those close to you, so dont in any way besmirch the landscape around you. Make sure no rubbish gets blown away into the environment, and make sure not to make too much noise, pollute the water, kill or trample the flora and fauna, or in any other way be disrespectful towards the natural world.

Summer day trips are gloriously relaxing when done well; follow this advice to get off on your own trip in the not-too-distant future.

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