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WyzAnt.com currently has the largest network of certified tutors available on the web – over 66,000 and counting- which means exclusive access to top study tips and proven practices to help students succeed in the classroom. While the majority of learning happens at school or during private tutoring sessions, there are some actions that parents can take at home to contribute to their child’s overall academic success. 

After reviewing hundreds of tips submitted by our network of private tutors, we found the following to be the most commonly reported: 
1. Ask your kids to teach you what they learned during their lesson. “The most important feature of an engaged student is critical thinking. Critical thinking is understanding a subject in your own words, and being able to explain the subject to others,” says WyzAnt language tutor Rachel M., from Evanston, IL. Pretend that you’re unfamiliar with the topic and encourage your child to play teacher! 2. Initiate positive and open communication. “Always discuss the lesson and tutoring session with your child. Find out what is going on,” says WyzAnt tutor Valerie J. from Dallas, TX. The more you communicate the less you have to read between the lines to find out where and why they are struggling. In certain cases, the method of teaching can conflict with a child’s learning style, which is why WyzAnt offers a good fit guarantee for each student. 
3. Emphasize a healthy mind and body! “This means eating right, getting enough sleep,” says WyzAnt test prep tutor John B. of Harleysville, PA. Many outside factors can affect sharpness in the classroom. While it’s impossible to control all aspects of your child’s day, a consistent bed time and balanced meals are important habits that can be established in the home. Help your child reach their potential. Search private tutors in your area today!
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Overseas Filipino workers and family members residing abroad makes sacrifices just to provide a better life to their family here in the Philippines. One of those many sacrifices is missing special occasions with the family. 
It's though to come up with gifts when our love ones is celebrating special occasions while working away from them. It will take time to plan, shop and wrap the gifts we will send to them and the time it will consume delivering the present to the recipient. Thankfully, overseas Filipino worker can now make their presence felt during special occasions like birthdays, graduations and holiday celebrations like Christmas. By sending gifts it bridges the gap to the family made by distance. 
Ordinary day can turn to special one just by receiving gifts from our family or friend who's overseas. It  is a gesture that emphasizes a sign of thoughtfulness likely to be appreciated.
Sendah Pinoy is a one-stop shop and send products and services in the Philippines. Not only that, its also a platform to pay bills and send load anytime, anywhere. Sending gifts from overseas Filipino workers and friends to the Philippines could be so fast, easy and convenient only with Sendah.
Sendah has wide range of products like International/Imported Items, Gift Basket, Gifts Certificates, Beauty Hampers and more that’s just right for every occasion.With their fast delivery, outstanding costumer services and products with great quality, no wonder their company has been one of the most reliable and trusted online gift remittance and payment platform for many years now.


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I ordered Circa Wedge Slide from them and use the code and yes its working! I first try Metro address and the shipping fee cost 100Php but when I changed it to my provincial address because I'm having trouble with my Paypal I choose Cash on Delivery (COD) and I got same shipping fee 100Php too.


Sharing very important reminder:

"Dear parents, wanted to share this incident that happened first hand to a co-parent just a few minutes ago. Let's educate our kids not to share information to strangers. We don't know what can happen.
Hi Parents,
Just want to share with you all what happened tonight. My son clark was playing minecraft using his ipad and meron cyang online voice chat. He usually play minecraft and use voice chat with children from other countries playing minecraft din. As we all know internet dami na nagagawa. Pero tonight he was chatting with this guy and i was beside him that's why i overheard the conversation. The guy sounded like 30 yrs old or something and i was wondering why would a man at this age play minecraft. Afterwards nagtagalog yung lalake so i realized pilipino yung kausap ni clark. Then the guy started to ask clark personal questions like do you have a facebook account, saan ka nakatira, ano work ng mama and papa mo, sino madalas mo kasama sa bahay and the last question was kelan wala dyan parents mo punta ako laro tayo. Thats the time na kinuha ko ipad nya and i ask the guy "ilang taon ka na?" Then he was talking to another person he said "pre katabi yung tatay."

then the other guy from the background said "ala na yan, hanap ka ng iba" then he disconnected from the game. Just want to give you all a warning especially if your children are playing online games. I'm pretty sure you all know what i'm talking about. And what could possibly happen."

FYI: This post came from a Facebook status and I am not sure who's the person who shared this but truth or not we parents should be extra careful with our kids. We need to talk to them, educate our kids about being careful talking to strangers and the possible outcome of giving out personal informations.


Manila, Philippines---On October 12, 2015, The Commission On Election (COMELEC) headed by it's Spokesman, Director James Jimenez launched an initiative to educate and influence Filipinos to think better, empower their neighbors and to vote wisely with the launch of #PILIpinas on Social Media. It's a campaign in order for Filipinos to be ready for this coming May 2016 election with the following objectives:

1. To have a better Philippines by electing the right government officials starts from the lowest post in Barangays up to the Presidential hopefuls.
2. To choose better candidates who will represent the masses.
3. To elect public servants who are patriotic, ready to sacrifice their life for the Filipino people and will help the Philippines to be a first world country once again.
Filipinos right now are 100 Million according to statistics and based on the survey that our economy is getting stronger in terms of investors and employment rate which we're not everyone believes because of the visual poverty that we can see around like growing of indigent people in rural and urban areas and price increase of basic goods and services over the past years.
#PILIpinas is one way to enlighten, empower and share awareness to everyone on who are the right people to vote for this coming election.
#PILIpinas will give the public a chance on what they like to tell to the candidates via Twitter and Facebook. For more information please log on to http://www.pili-pinas.info.


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Are you a pasta lover? Are you meticulous when it comes to buying food products? I think eating healthy is probably one of our goals in our day to day meals but its hard to choose foods with health benefits aside from picking fresh ingredients. 

Miracle Noodle brand  that manufactures a zero calorie high fiber health food noodle product. Their noodles are being used increasingly in numerous diets including, low carb, body ecology diet, anti-candida diets, gluten free diets, autism gluten free diets, heart healthy diets, and bodybuilders looking for additional non-carb foods.

Miracle Noodle is committed to providing health information so that our customers see a purchase with us not just as a purchase for noodles but also a step in living healthier and eating better. 

The fiber found in Miracle Noodle slows digestion and prolongs the sensation of fullness and is an essential part of any weight loss program. You also absorb more nutrients in the foods you eat with Miracle Noodle due to the slowing of digestion.

They have wide range of products and recipes too.

Zero Carb Pasta


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Western-Inspired Fashion Trends
By Hannah Madsen, Editor-in-Chief, EQL

Western fashion isn’t just for cowgirls and cattle-wranglers. Many of today’s hot fashion trends happen to be western-inspired. EQL, an online destination for fans of authentic equestrian apparel and lifestyle, has put together a list of some clothing and accessories that have ties to the Wild Wild West.

Named one of the four pieces you should definitely have this summer by WhoWhatWear, turquoise is found in regions with little rain where water seeps through natural rock and interacts with copper deposits, so it’s no surprise there’s plenty of it in the West. Native Americans were the first to discover turquoise and craft it into jewelry.

Fringes are being seen on everything from shoes to jackets, and Refinery29 is embracing it to the fullest, and urging everyone else to have some fun with it, too. Native Americans in the West created garments with fringe to serve as a type of gutter that repelled rainwater. Fringe was a border or edge of hanging threads, cords, or strips, and was often found on garments made from suede, leather, and buckskin.

There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans, and we’re seeing more and more celebrities and tastemakers double up on his or her denim, and GLAMOUR approves.  Denim dates back to the 1800s when gold miners wanted clothes that were strong and did not tear. A man called Leob Strauss partnered with a Nevada tailor to patent an idea for putting rivets on stress points of workman’s waist high overalls, known now as jeans.

Western-inspired fashion is not leaving anytime soon. In July 2015 Tom Ford debuted a chic, Western-inspired fall 2015 ad campaign that includes plenty of patchwork, denim, suede, fur, fringe and leather.