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Determining whether you want a gas air compressor or an electric air compressor is one key choice in selecting an air compressor. This decision depends on your specifics needs, requirements, and application.

Gas-powered compressors are the best, if not the only option on sites where a lot of air is needed and there is no electricity. During the framing phase of new construction, this is seen most often.

Usually, these compressors are wheeled for portability because of the extra weight of the gas engines and the bigger pumps. They weigh from 120 to 200 pounds. Unless there is a lift gate or ramp, it will likely take two people to safely load and offload the compressor onto the truck at this weight.

This article will explain the differences between gas and electric compressors as well as what each is better suited to.


Some analysts predict that email will be slowly replaced by messaging app services in the coming years. One of the major reasons for this potential switch is that messaging services allow for real-time communication. Email is quickly getting a reputation for being a more cumbersome way to carry on a written conversation. While there is still certainly many uses for email, messaging services are becoming more popular by the day, especially as Millennials play a more significant role in business communications.

One of the email management tools that has the potential to preserve emails role in business communications is This is a relatively new and free service that helps users unsubscribe from multiple email senders at the same time. Some users might think twice before abandoning email altogether if they are able to more accurately and seamlessly monitor their email subscription lists with a service like this. Many email users find themselves receiving countless messages each day because they have subscribed to different retail sites in order to take advantage of discounts offered. Customers have exchanged their email addresses for promotions from various businesses that they actually don’t need to hear from on a regular basis. In many cases, it is simply too cumbersome and boring to go through the process of clicking on each individual email and finding the link to unsubscribe from the retailer. Now that this process has been automated for users, they are more likely to have a favorable experience using email on a daily basis. They can complete the process as many times as they find useful.


Unlike a cracked windshield or an empty gas tank, it’s not always apparent when your car tires need routine maintenance. Continuing to drive on balding, worn-out tires can be dangerous, so here are a few tips on determining when your tires need to be replaced. If it’s time to trade in your old rubber for a fresh, new set, search for auto parts near me.


In today’s world of technology, use of computers, smartphones, USB, memory cards etc is increasingly getting common. Interestingly they all have hard drives for data storage. Data storage like office work, college assignments, pictures, songs, movies and a lot more is a must for all of us.  But what if, all your data gets deleted from computers or smartphones due to hard drives getting corrupted?

Hard drive corruption, how does it happen?
Hard drive corruption can occur due to a malware attack, crashed operating system, or accidental formatting of a hard drive or other storage media. It can also occur by connecting someone else’s USB to your PC for files transfer without a virus check/scan.

Human error can be another reason like water spills and accidental drop of devices. Another common reason can be not paying attention to backing up your data and losing it in the process of hard disk failure.


We live in the 21st century, an era of technology. If we look around us, we have been highly dependent upon technology. No doubt, technology helps human in several ways and have made life easy and convenient. At the same time, it also has restricted people to stick to it. Be it a housewife, an employee or an owner of an organization, everyone has become so busy in their respected field and have less time to meet and greet the loved ones. Everyone wants to be the winner of the race and in achieving all this, we have no idea what we have been compromising. 

Our generation is least bother about all the things which our parents had followed but thanks to the technology and a few events which has changed the name but the theme is exactly same as it is used to be a years ago. For example, baby shower, bridal shower, convocation ceremony, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, valentine’s day, teacher’s day Halloween party etc. Each event falls in a different month so it becomes a good opportunity for everyone to at least have a celebration once a month. The background of theme parties is that we have to arrange all the things according to the theme, from dressing to the arrangement of the venue, color etc.

In this month, we celebrate an event of Halloween. It is celebrated on 31st October in different countries. According to Christianity, the spirits and fairies come down on Earth and participate actively so the Christians welcome them in the world and ready for their hospitality. People arrange costume parties, lighting, bonfire, Apple bobbing, jack o lanterns etc. It calls for a huge party and people celebrate this event in their own way.


With so many festivals approaching, you can’t sit idle without thinking about what gift to give whom. Gifting is an important part of festivities. And you simply can’t skip this part. And that is why it is important to make your decisions in this respect early on. Trust us- it takes nothing- only a little of your idle time. If, however, you are someone who is extremely time-pressed, then you probably won’t get the leisure to think about gifts. For people like you, fruit gift baskets make for the best gift idea. Here is why people across the world love to gift fruit hampers to their near and dear ones on special occasions and festivals:


Forty-six-year-old Jacob Gottlieb loves investing. He’s been in love with investing since the 7th grade. Gottlieb also loved school. He earned a degree in economics from Brown University. And then he earned a medical degree from New York University. Medicine and investing were his passions when he worked for St Vincent’s Hospital in New York City. Being on the front line of healthcare showed Jacob that his real calling was not prescribing drugs, but investing in healthcare companies. So he hung up his long white lab coat, and he went to work for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Sanford C. Bernstein & Co focuses on healthcare industry investments.

Gottlieb decided to offer his investing talents to the Merlin Biomed Group for a short time, and then he joined Balyasny Asset Management. Balyasny gave him the credibility to start his own hedge fund firm. Jacob’s startup, Visium Asset Management became a reality in 2005. Visium was his baby, and that baby grew into an investment firm with more than $8 billion in assets under management.


Photo by @foodie.dreams

The quest to find the best milk tea in town is on. Fortunately for those who can’t get enough of this bubble tea drink, finding a shop that sells milk tea in Metro Manila is not a challenge. Satisfying these cravings are easy because of the abundance of milk tea shops available.

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice, a Taiwanese company that started in 1997, is a worthy contender on your must-try list. This tea shop is not new in the Philippines – in fact their first branch in the country opened in 2013 at Eastwood Mall. Years later and they’re still serving one of the best-tasting drinks.


If you use computers regularly you must have lost an important file at home or at work before and you may still lose another one. Only those that have lost a vital file before will understand how frustrating and disheartening it can be.

To help recover lost files, there are so many file recovery applications available on the net but only very few are as effective as the EaseUS free data recovery software. You can lose your file through so many ways like hard disk crash, operating system crash, accidental deletion from an external memory, wrong formatting, wrong partitioning, and many more. But that won’t be a problem because no matter how you lost the file, EaseUS file recovery software will help you recover it in a matter of minutes in just 3 steps.


The most recent enrollment of Neil Leibowitz as the first chief medical officer of Talkspace marks a crucial move towards expanding its textual-based therapy service, to create a provision for psychiatric treatment. Talkspace has revolutionized the manner in which therapy is being administered, by providing online therapy, rather than the conventional therapy that required direct contact between a client and the therapist. Based on the statement mentioned above, patients can either use their mobile phones to text a therapist or on some occasion communicate their related issues by composing video message or even share pictures.


Have you done shopping online before?  How many times do you shop online? Yes, I have read the pros and cons of buying online, but still, I love the convenience of shopping online. I find myself shopping whenever I need something that I can't find in physical store or whenever there's a big sale event in online shops like beautymnl. Actually, it's already my 7th times to purchase from the beautymnl shop since 2017, and they never fail to meet my expectations. So, why do I choose to shop at beautymnl over other beauty shops online? My reasons are as follows:


Top online shopping site Lazada Philippines teams up with PERA SWIPE – a patented lock screen rewards app exclusively available in the country. Through this partnership, PERA SWIPE app users can now redeem P100 Lazada discount vouchers (usable on any item and applicable for a total purchase of P1,000 and above).

It’s the best time to have your own discount voucher as Lazada’s Birthday Festival begins on April 25, 2018. You can shop from an assortment of over 40M items including local and international brands without ever having to leave your home. Best of all, Lazada Philippines delivers their orders right to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the country.

Unlock Rewards

What makes PERA SWIPE a go-to app is that it’s easy to earn points. Since its launch in June 2017, the app now has over 1M users. The app is also user-friendly in nature. Users only need to unlock their PERA SWIPE screens, refer friends, and join in-app events to earn points. Getting rewarded for simply doing a daily habit such as unlocking your screen is definitely worth it.

Through its patented technology, PERA SWIPE is the only app in the country that will be able to provide Lazada perks and rewards in as easy as a lock-screen swipe. As the partnership between the two tech-driven companies develops, digital-savvy Pinoys can only expect more and better to come.

Not yet a PERA SWIPE USER? Download the free app now on Google Play Make sure you use “lazada” as your referral code to get instant 555 points and exclusive promos.

Hurry! Don’t be the last to get your very own Lazada voucher.



Honda has been serving the world with its massive manufacturing of motorcycles and ATVs for decades and has been one of the most promising brands present today. One can rely on the models that Honda manufactures and one can also have a great experience of riding with a Honda bike. Motorbikes and other ATVs need to be rebuilt time to time no matter how carefully one uses it. A bike needs to be repaired so that it keeps running smoothly without any hurdles.

Replacing a Honda part is made easy as online websites bring one with the right quality of genuine Honda parts at cheap rates. Rebuilding is necessary for increasing the performance of the motorcycle, and one can easily find the Honda motorcycle parts online in some clicks. brings all the needed parts starting from the oldest model to the recent launches on one platform. The search for the right Honda part can be made accessible by entering the basic details about the bike one needs the parts for.


Image source: Pixabay

If you want to make your blog your business, or you want to blog to draw more attention to your business and help you market the goods and services that you offer, you need to do it the right way.

Business blogging is about more than just writing down your thoughts and feelings and hoping that people will be interested, It’s about being interesting, driving traffic and converting customers. If you can’t do that, then you’re unlikely to ever get anywhere with it.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of business blogging and ensure your efforts are successful, here are a few big no-nos that you should avoid:


Who says learning about Science is ever dull? I believe that no subject is boring in itself, but the way a subject is taught can have a significant impact on how the students will react. If explained in the excellent and fun way, students will get to learn and experience the wonderful world of Science minus the boring comments.

The exciting way of demonstrating and teaching Science even at the first meeting should be a priority, as first impressions do last. The list you are about to see is a favorite set of experiments that students and non-students alike have come to enjoy no matter their age is.


There're so many reasons why someone prefers shopping online than go to the physical store to buy something she/he wants. I do a lot of online shopping since I earn extra money from my online gigs. I never had to ask my husband to give me money just to buy beauty products I want to have. But why do I love shopping online?  The reasons are as follows:
  • Shop anytime and anywhere: Christmas is nearly coming and many are now thinking of how they could buy gifts for their loved ones. I don't want to fight the crowds and line up in the mall just to shop my gift list. All I need is a laptop/computer or a smartphone plus a stable internet connection, and I could buy anywhere and any time of the day.
  • Shop "rare" items: I could find unique items and choose different colors and styles of the "limited edition" products online.
  • Save money: You can save money while shopping?? Yes of course! Shopping online is better because I could get fantastic deals ( low prices, free shipping, discount coupons, and rebates). 

Image Credit: Pexels

Creating forms can be tricky. You need to get all the boxes the right size, make sure all the formatting works correctly and then ensure it fits on an A4 piece of paper (if you want to print it). Fortunately, there are ways that you can generate forms the make your life easier. Here are some examples.


Can you recognize these company/brand base on their logo? 

Even if the name of the brands were not shown in the picture above, I am sure that most of you can still recognize what these company logos represent. A logo signifies a visual entity that is meant to identify a company's name. It is a visible symbol that represents have that could help attract new customers. Wikipedia defines logo "as a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a logotype or wordmark. " It can be classified into three different types: textual, illustrated, symbolic. It can also be a combination of any of those three categories. All successful businesses have their logo, and you could probably see it anywhere. Companies like Coca-cola, Mcdonald's, Apple, just to name a few can quickly recognize only by their logo. Entrepreneurs and business owners (small or big) use logo to help brand their businesses. 

A logo is essential to a business and websites but is it that important? I've identified the most common reasons you need a logo here are a few of them:


*Image is taken from Pixabay

Though the odds of winning the lottery is relatively small and the chances are 1 in a million, people are still playing. Winning the jackpot prize is the most significant motivation of a person to buy more lottery tickets. The lottery is a method of raising money organized by the state or a charity in which people buy numbered tickets then random draw chooses the winner/s.