Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Victoria Court… What do these three have in common? If you get it, then you get us.

Victoria Court is a chain of hotels in the heart of Metro Manila. From the moment our guests arrive, they are immediately immersed in an extra sensory environment that is tailor-fit to each uniquely themed room. Want to be Batman for a day? We can do that for you. Is being a princess more your thing? Not a problem. No fantasy is too small for our group of intrepid employees who stop at nothing to make sure that our guests are happy from the time they check-in to the time they check out. Our state-of-the-art themed suites whisk our guests away to wherever their heart desires. Our talented chefs make sure that each taste bud is tickled with every bite of our award winning dishes.


Sinigang Soup is a ‘must’ in most Pinoy households’ weekly menu. The whole family enjoys a bowl of warm and refreshing Sinigang dish in hot or cold weather conditions. It's my family's favorite dish. It has been observed though that most people using sinigang mixes available in the market would need to add other savory and meaty seasonings i.e. pork cube and all-in-one seasonings to achieve the ideal sinigang taste, which is not just about sourness but savory taste as well.

The new Ajinomoto® Sinigang Cube is all that you will ever need to cook Sinigang with the preferred blend of sour-savory (asim-linamnam) taste. It is perfect in providing the balanced rich, savory deliciousness and appetizing sourness to any sinigang dish. Each cube is “ZoopSiksik™” because it is packed with the right level of tamarind sourness and savory taste from meaty extracts.

AJI-SINIGANG® Cube is available in single 13g pillow pack cube for P5.00 and 8 pieces of 13g packed in a re-sealable stand-up pouch for P38.00.



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Competition amongst travel companies online is hotter than ever. As a result, they are paying close attention to how to sell more online, and how digital communications can help them to win, and retain, new customers. In this new digital environment, the most successful retailers will be the ones who leverage their business intelligence to build long-lasting relationships with their clients.


Got any plans this summer? Have you already decided where to visit? Family/Barkada Outing is an excellent way to relax and enjoy the summer. 

Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center located at Tanay, Rizal is a perfect sanctuary for vacation and relaxation for any individual, couple or groups. Nestled in a 15-hectare forest property with a spectacular view of the Sierra Madre Mountains and Laguna de Bay, Bakasyunan have been a tourist and vacation destination for fun and adventure.
Our resort’s services offer room accommodation, team building, conference, seminar, wedding and any special events for small groups to big groups that will surely satisfy our guest’s requirements together with the fantastic mountain view and a nature feeling surroundings.


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My day won't be complete without sipping a hot cup of coffee in the morning or whenever I need to boost my energy, keep awake and functional all day. Most of my family members love coffee especially when it's paired with breakfast in the morning. But each of us has our preferences when it comes to flavors and taste of our coffee. Coffee choices are different from person to another. Whether you make you own coffee in the morning or would it be from your favorite coffee shops, coffee has been a part of our daily routine. It would mean convenience to us if we own a coffee maker that will help us make the best coffee as we go to bed at night, and it's ready as we wake up in the morning.  


Eau Thermale Avene introduces hydrating make-up remover to Filipino women.

Cosmetic products exist to help women improve their facial features or cover imperfections. But while an average woman uses 12 different products everyday—which all in all contains about 170 ingredients according to research by U.S. organization Skin Deep—their desire to look good might do more harm than good especially when proper skin regimen is well not practiced.
It is the reason Eau Thermale Avène (a leading dermo-cosmetic brand in Europe) recently invited some of the country’s most prestigious beauty and wellness bloggers and members of the media at the Salon Beauvoir in Makati, City to educate them on how to care properly for their skin before, during and after applying make-up.