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The quest to find the best milk tea in town is on. Fortunately for those who can’t get enough of this bubble tea drink, finding a shop that sells milk tea in Metro Manila is not a challenge. Satisfying these cravings are easy because of the abundance of milk tea shops available.

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice, a Taiwanese company that started in 1997, is a worthy contender on your must-try list. This tea shop is not new in the Philippines – in fact their first branch in the country opened in 2013 at Eastwood Mall. Years later and they’re still serving one of the best-tasting drinks.

We all now live in a world where fashion changes with just a little amount of time. It can transform from one to another. They say that fashion is never constant, there is always change, and we just can’t stop it. While that may be true, there are items that are considered to be must-haves or for some, it is their go-to items.


Care entails practical knowledge and empathy, whether youre looking after an individual with disabilities, medical issues, or age-related handicaps. To go above and beyond, providing the best care possible, youll need to balance your responsibilities alongside your relationship with the person youre caring for, ensuring that youre listening as much as youre providing. Below are listed four factors that contribute to the best kind of care, under whatever circumstances. If youre getting all four right, youll be safe in the knowledge that you couldnt be doing more to help the person under your care.


Even after years of gender equality, surveys show that women are still doing the majority of the household chores, even when both partners work full time. In most cases, it seems to be a pattern that couples fall into rather than a deliberate attempt by men to leave all the work to their wives. If you find you are shouldering the burden of domestic chores, then you should feel able to talk to your partner about the imbalance. However, if you have a family, don’t forget that your children should be making a contribution as well.


Every month women struggle with the same unavoidable problem of menstrual cramps. Though there are some women who have less painful experiences, most of us tend to hurt a lot. Besides googling “how to make your period come fast” and “why is my period late”, next in line is the search for finding menstrual cramp relief. Here are the top 5 ways that work for most women, some of which you probably haven’t tried yet.


When you have a family, they quickly become the most important aspect of your life. Whether it is big or small, loud or quiet, they will hold a special place in your heart for as long as you live. This means you will want to spend as much quality time with them as possible, but this can be tricky when you have some work commitments and other activities getting in the way. If you can, it’s wise to make some time each day to enjoy some fun activities with the ones you love. Finding the best ones can be difficult when there are so many to choose from, but there are a select few which will help you create some wonderful memories together.


The key to creating a comfortable home environment lies in appealing to all of your senses. The aromas and scents that spread through your home can have a major impact on its general atmosphere. If your home is filled with unpleasant, stuffy, mouldy smells, you can feel uncomfortable, moody and even a bit anxious. On the other hand, letting pleasant aromas permeate your haven will not only make it more appealing, but you’ll actually feel more at peace.


The very idea of a romantic honeymoon in Paris raises the spirits and the senses alike. Paris! The city of lights and the capital city of lovers that brings thousands of people from all over the world to see if they can capture some of the city’s stardust for themselves.

While every bride will enjoy her honeymoon with her husband, the small matter of the wedding has to be attended to first. After they have thoroughly investigated suitably luxurious wedding locations near Paris and made the necessary arrangements, they will concentrate on one of the most significant milestones of their lives.


You may be under the mistaken belief that healthy eating in midlife is all about cutting out the tasty items, and replacing them with stuff that looks like bird seed, or rabbit food! Of course, this isn't the case at all, and there are plenty of ways to eat a balanced diet that are enjoyable and delicious. Just read my suggestions below to see what they are!


Did you know that your brain contains approximately one hundred billion neurons? One of the most common misconceptions about the brain is that we use only 10 percent of it. No, we use it in its entirety, all one hundred billion neurons. So, it is no wonder that your brain can get tired of juggling all the difficult tasks you are placing in front of it. Because it gives you so much, your brain deserves to be rewarded with proper care and attention which will help it achieve its full potential. Here are some useful tips which will help you increase your brain function.


Stress is a common part of life for many people around the world, and it comes in all different forms. For instance, you might be experiencing stress at work because you’ve got a lot of deadlines to meet in a short space of time, or perhaps it might be your home life that is causing you issues. Whatever it is you are experiencing, too much stress on your body can have a serious impact on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, which is why it is important to find ways to get your stress under control. In order to help you do just that, here are some tips on getting through some of the most common causes of stress in modern society. 


You need to think about the future if you want a stable financial situation. Covering your bills in the present day is a good start, but you need to think about your wealth. If there’s barely any money left in your bank account at the end of each month then it’s probably time to make some changes to your spending habits. After all, you’ll want some savings for your retirement and any other big expenses you might face down the road. Here are some ways in which you could make a change to your personal finances for the future.


If you are the sort of person that finds managing your money pretty dull and dread the thought of having to sort through your bank statement, then this is the post for you. You might find it a little overwhelming, or perhaps just downright boring. But it doesn’t need to be that way, especially if you are wanting to make big changes to your finances and start to manage your money in a much better way. Because at the end of the day, if you don’t manage it well, then it can get out of control if you don’t know what money you have or where you have it.

Using your savings to add to your capital by investing is a perfectly reasonable course of action, but only if you aren't putting your initial investment at undue risk. If you are new to investing, there are good investing apps for beginners to get you started. With smartphones being a massive part of our lives now, it makes sense to help them to make our lives a little, easier, right? There are so many tools out there that can help us to manage our money better, but it is even better when they are tools that we can use right from the palm of our hand. If you struggle to make sure you have enough cash to last you until payday, or are paying back a personal loan and need to remember to make payments, then there will be an app for that! With that in mind, here are some of the best apps out there to help you to manage your money, so you’ll be a little more Warren Buffet and a little less Lindsay Lohan. Have you used any of them before?

When you become a mother, lack of sleep and stress also become your constant companions, and you sometimes do not even know how you should survive the day. Here are thirteen preventative and uncomplicated chill out tips that promise relaxation for mothers, and with which you can recharge your batteries every day!


One of the best things about going traveling has to be the delicious food that you end up eating in all the destinations, right? In fact, for most people, experiencing new cuisines and sampling all of the local delicacies is what going on vacation is all about.

If you consider yourself to be a foodie and love tasting as much as possible while you’re away, then you will no doubt want to book a trip to the best food spots that the planet has to offer. Some of those amazing foodie destinations are in the USA. Here are some that are the best of the best.

Most people believe that keeping the romance alive is hard and exhausting, but the truth is quite the opposite. The point is that you don’t really need to do anything special as long as you treat your partner with respect and care – and add a little something-something into the mix from time to time. Going on a romantic spa date might be just the thing you were looking for, so if you too are searching for ways to make your romantic time with your loved one extra special, here are a few ideas all couples should look into.