Fab Foodie Destinations Around The USA

One of the best things about going traveling has to be the delicious food that you end up eating in all the destinations, right? In fact, for most people, experiencing new cuisines and sampling all of the local delicacies is what going on vacation is all about.

If you consider yourself to be a foodie and love tasting as much as possible while you’re away, then you will no doubt want to book a trip to the best food spots that the planet has to offer. Some of those amazing foodie destinations are in the USA. Here are some that are the best of the best.

New York City, New York

The first stop on your list has to be New York City. This thriving metropolis is known for its fascinating culture and endless entertainment opportunities, but you will also be spoiled when it comes to great food too. For instance, you’ve got the famous New York pizza, with its super thin crust. After you’ve had your fill of pizza, make sure you’ve got some room for New-York-style cheesecake. Of course, these aren’t the only delicacies you’ll find as there is also a lot of hot dogs and deli sandwiches waiting to be sampled as well.

St. Louis, Missouri

If you are looking for some wholesome vegetarian cuisine, then make sure you plan a stop-off in St. Louis in Missouri. There’s also plenty for the meateaters in your party to dig into as well, such as barbecue and the famous slinger hamburgers. Want something sweet to finish off your meal with? If so, then try and find some of the city’s iconic gooey butter cake!

San Francisco, California

There are loads of top foodie destinations in California, from Los Angeles to Big Sur, but San Francisco has to be the ultimate winner. First of all, make sure you stop off in one of the Chinatown restaurants for some brilliant Asian cuisine. If you head down to the bay area, be sure to stop off for some clam chowder as well. Don’t forget that the sourdough in this city is said to be some of the best in the country as well.

New Orleans, Louisiana

It may be famous for all of its music, but New Orleans in Louisiana also has a brilliant reputation for its extraordinary food too. Just take a look at its gumbo, for instance. This thick stew is often served with rice and comes in numerous varieties. The region is also known for its love of seafood, and you will find a lot of stews and casseroles that come with lots of different fish and shrimp mixed in.

The people of Chicago argue that they have the best pizza in the country, so it’s worth visiting just to try it for yourself. While you’re in town, you might also want to sample the Chicago hot dog and Italian beef.

This list of destinations has probably got your mouth watering already, so you might want to start planning your trip now!

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