Go Loco for CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice

Photo by @foodie.dreams

The quest to find the best milk tea in town is on. Fortunately for those who can’t get enough of this bubble tea drink, finding a shop that sells milk tea in Metro Manila is not a challenge. Satisfying these cravings are easy because of the abundance of milk tea shops available.

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice, a Taiwanese company that started in 1997, is a worthy contender on your must-try list. This tea shop is not new in the Philippines – in fact their first branch in the country opened in 2013 at Eastwood Mall. Years later and they’re still serving one of the best-tasting drinks.

Located on the 2nd floor of Eastwood’s Technoplaza, it’s hard to miss as you could easily spot the store sign and the cute logo. As its name suggests, CoCo serves fresh tea and juice and is known for their boba drinks. And if you’re not a fan of milk tea, they also serve other beverages such as lattes, chocolate, and slush.

What sets CoCo apart from other brands are their unique drinks that are also uniquely named. Their Panda Milk Tea, for example, is an iced shaken milk tea with black and white pearls; 2 Ladies is a milk tea with pearl and puddings); and 3 Buddies is a milk tea with pearl, pudding, AND grass jelly. For what you’re getting, these drinks are definitely worth the price.

All the drinks are made fresh so you might as well take a seat while your orders are being prepared. Get comfortable on the orange chairs that match the logo and maybe hang around for a while.

For more info visit their website: https://megaworld-lifestylemalls.com/


  1. These drinks look super tempting. I have never tried anything like that.

  2. That tea and juice looks pretty good to me, yum!

  3. This sounds like a very interesting drink.

  4. never heard of this place before but those look really yummy