Some analysts predict that email will be slowly replaced by messaging app services in the coming years. One of the major reasons for this potential switch is that messaging services allow for real-time communication. Email is quickly getting a reputation for being a more cumbersome way to carry on a written conversation. While there is still certainly many uses for email, messaging services are becoming more popular by the day, especially as Millennials play a more significant role in business communications.

One of the email management tools that has the potential to preserve emails role in business communications is Unroll.me. This is a relatively new and free service that helps users unsubscribe from multiple email senders at the same time. Some users might think twice before abandoning email altogether if they are able to more accurately and seamlessly monitor their email subscription lists with a service like this. Many email users find themselves receiving countless messages each day because they have subscribed to different retail sites in order to take advantage of discounts offered. Customers have exchanged their email addresses for promotions from various businesses that they actually don’t need to hear from on a regular basis. In many cases, it is simply too cumbersome and boring to go through the process of clicking on each individual email and finding the link to unsubscribe from the retailer. Now that this process has been automated for users, they are more likely to have a favorable experience using email on a daily basis. They can complete the process as many times as they find useful.

The free email organization service provided by Unroll.me is being applauded by businesses and users alike because of its user-friendly interface and utility to email users. Some IT experts are predicting that this same service will soon be available for subscriptions to messages through messaging apps. While consumers are still less likely to get off their cell phone number than their email address, retailers are already beginning to send customers email messages via text or other messaging services. There is no doubt that consumers will soon tire of receiving endless promotional texts, even if there is not a fee for them to receive them. The popularity of this email organization service indicates that users will similarly be interested in signing up for a messaging app management tool. Without some way to consistently and conveniently organize messages within those apps, users will be right back where they left off in navigating way too many emails in order to finally get to the most important messages.

Despite the many benefits and convenience of using messaging apps for personal and professional communications, they still may not be the best platform for sending secure files, such as legal documents. Email still has a vital role to play when it comes to sending secure, confidential files. It is certainly less conversational than communicating through messaging apps, but it is hard to imagine that the business world would completely abandon email as a major platform for communications.

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