Helping Your Kids Resist Peer Pressure

Many parents worry that their children will be influenced by the infamous peer pressure. Young people in particular tend to be more vulnerable to peer pressure, although it can get adults into trouble too. This is because they want to fit in and be part of the popular crowd. Below are some tips from an independent day school in London to help parents understand how to teach their kids to resist peer pressure.

The way parents behave around their children typically influences them to behave in a similar way. With that said, make sure you set a good example for your children throughout their lives. Show them that positive choices lead to positive outcomes, while poor choices tend to lead to more serious, negative consequences. When your child is faced with a difficult decision involving peer pressure, they will understand that whatever they choose to do won’t be without consequence and hopefully make the better choice.

Be sure to praise your child when they do something that makes you proud. The more praise they receive, the more likely they will want to live up to your expectations and make wise decisions. It’s a mistake to think the worst and say things like “that girl will get you into trouble”, because this only sets your child up for failure and shows them that you don’t have faith in them.

Help your child with their self-esteem so that they have the confidence to stand up to people and reject the influence of peer pressure. If your child is strong and assertive, they will feel more comfortable with resisting the temptation of other kids. As a parent, you can celebrate your child’s successes by framing their certificates, rewarding them for being helpful or getting good grades and generally encouraging positive behaviour. Allowing them to experience new things and meet new people regularly will also help them with their confidence.

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