The Benefits of an International School

There are many benefits to sending your child to an international school. Some of these benefits include exposure to new cultures and languages, growth in personal skills, enhanced extra-curricular activities and improved career opportunities.

To help you decide on the best educational path for your child, a primary school in Cambridge have listed below some of the key benefits that an international school can offer your child…

‘International Mindedness’
International schools enrol students from across the globe. This environment helps students to learn about various nationalities and enrich their language skills. This kind of global exposure offers many benefits to your child’s future career, as many employers seek individuals who are experienced in different cultures and languages.

At Oaks International we promote a culture of ‘international mindedness’, where all children and staff value different cultures, embrace diversity and know the importance of different perspectives on all areas of life in our increasingly inter-connected world.

Extracurricular Activities
Many international schools embrace extracurricular activities like sports, performing arts and school trips. This balance between academics and out-of-classroom experiences can help students to develop many new abilities and improve personal skills, such as independence and self-confidence.

International Curriculum
A great number of international schools follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), which is a curriculum committed to internationalism. This curriculum also teaches students to be independent thinkers, contributors to the community, and actively involved in world causes. The IBDP provides many essential life skills and also helps students to prepare for admission to top international universities.

At Oaks International, the happiness and safety of our students is extremely important. We look after our students from applying for a visa to the day they leave our school and beyond. Visit us to find out more.

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