Investors Entrust $50 Million Dollars With Talkspace

How would you like it if investors had such trust in a company that you had built that they decided to put a collective $50 million dollars of their own money into its operations? That is exactly what has happened with the company known as Talkspace.

You may have heard of this brand as it has been around for the last seven years. They are the company that decided that they wanted to change the way that we all receive our mental healthcare. The biggest way for them to take a chance with this was to provide that healthcare in a way that was not commercially available up to that point. Their big idea was to provide these services over the Internet.

Providing Targeted Care

The beautiful thing about Talkspace is that they are not a "one size fits all" kind of operation. They have put out specialized products that are designed to be particularly helpful for couples or teenagers or other groups that may require more individualized care. They work with a network of some 5,000 plus mental healthcare providers, and this means that they have a professional who is right for just about everyone.

The micro-targeting approach has helped people feel more comfortable using a service like this. They are able to pick and choose which services are right for them in their particular situation. They can decide when they have found the right healthcare provider and simply move on from there. This cuts out a lot of the hunting around looking for the right person aspect of mental healthcare that always took place in the past.

Working With Companies And Insurers

Did you know that the company you work for now may already offer benefits to you that allow you access to some of the mental health benefits that come with Talkspace? There are a number of companies who have decided that this is a worthwhile enough venture that they just have to work with this brand to help their employees out.

Much of the workforce is of the millennial age group at this point, and that number only continues to grow. Therefore, mental health is more in the headlines than ever before. Young people care about the ability to get their mental health concerns looked at, and that means that any company that wants to keep them around had better consider the fact that mental health is a product worth offering as a benefit.

Continuing To Move Towards An IPO

There is growing momentum to move towards an IPO. The company wants to test those waters as they may be able to gain a lot by offering their stock on the public markets. They have been hiring top talent from other firms and ventures lately, and this has put a big spotlight on their actions. They know that people are watching what they do, and they are not afraid of that fact. Getting into the business of trading on public markets may help this brand to expand its reach even more, and that is what they have always been about from the very beginning.

Keep an eye on this space as the company continues to innovate and find new ways to provide some desperately needed services to those who don't already have access to this important asset.

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