Why Embracing Nature Could Change Your Life

Just add it to your list of things easier said than done: “spending more time in nature”. But there’s work to be done, and even when there is none, there’s still some binge-watching or clubbing to do. The hunter-gatherer inside you aches, as the farmer you have been for countless generations wouldn’t mind taking things more easily. Let us take a look in what ways you could add a little more nature into your life.

Food for thought

Let’s start with the basics. It’s also pretty easy as well, it just requires few changes from your everyday cycle. There are growing options of finding organic or free range meat and eggs all over the world, which is especially important in our times, as the meat industry is constantly on the verge of creating some new antibiotic resistance. And as far as your fruit and veggies are concerned, a stroll to the local outdoor marketplace might still be your best option. This is especially true if you can find out for sure whether those selling are the local farmers who actually do organic farming.

Legs for walking

When you already broke new ground by strolling down to your favorite fresh-veggies marketplace, you might as well think further. Spending time in the forest has numerous benefits for a human body and mind. The combination of clean air, physical exercise and Vitamin D from the sun has proven to relax people, provide them with higher serotonin levels, basically charging their “batteries”. This is all good for blood pressure as it lowers hormonal levels of stress, probably the best-known “silent killer” today that not many can escape, whether at work or home. But you could do it – in a forest, for example.

Drinks for the soul

A lot of the drinks we drink on a daily basis, such as sodas, coffee and alcohol tend to be full of sugar and various other “boosters”. It is difficult to calm down while you’re drinking something that is definitely an “upper”. Removing sugar-filled sodas from your fridge is really a necessary step in this day and age, but it is not an easy process. Luckily, teas are there for you, as they offer a wide variety of health benefits, alongside a great selection of flavors. Other alternatives that might work are juices or smoothies with all-natural ingredients. You could even buy Kratom and add the powder to the mixture. Coffee has its own set of benefits too – but do minimize the amount of sugar and milk you take with it.

Garden for the self

The best thing about having a garden for yourself is that you can make it as large or as small as you like - or as your circumstances allow. It could be a little pot with a couple of herbs you could use when cooking, such as parsley or basil. It could be something larger, like some cherry tomatoes on a windowsill or a bunch of veggies in a tub you keep on your terrace. Of course, if you have access to an actual garden, you can really go wild. Ultimately, whatever you choose, the options are limited by your desires and imagination.

In the end, whatever step you make towards embracing nature as a part of your everyday life, the results will always be beneficial for you and your surroundings. The greater your connection to nature, the more it will become a part of your life. In the end, this will be good for you, but it will be good for the nature as well. And there is nothing we need more today, in the turbulent times that bring us on the brink of losing the natural world we know and love.

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