Five Reasons To Use EOS Lip Balm During Summer

During the summer season, everyone's going gaga over skincare products that reduce skin damages. Although the lips look different, it is actually a part of the skin, which is the first defense of the body against the harmful UV rays. How can you protect your lips from the harmful UV rays, and at the same time, look fabulous under the sun? This summer, protect your lips with Evolution of Smooth lip balm.

Reasons Why Using EOS Lip Balm This Summer Season Is The Best
If you're thinking about wearing a lip gloss to stand out on the beach this summer, you might want to think twice. The cosmetic you apply in your lips might become something you curse after the day ends. Here are the reasons why the EOS Lip Balm is your lips' perfect partner this summer.

1. Protect your lips with SPF
EOS products are designed to protect the lips by using the SPF or Sun Protection Factor. One of the EOS products that contain SPF is the EOS Lemon Twist which has SPF 15. The Lemon Twist EOS Lip balm review has been mostly positive, with users liking the lemon flavor because of its organic taste. When there's no SPF in your lip balm, chances are, you're going to have sore lips later on.

2. No parabens and artificial fragrances
Because EOS products always think about their customer's safety and health, there are no artificial substances such as parabens, gluten, petrolatum, and phthalates. Instead of these materials, EOS products uses shea butter, which makes the lips softer, less dry, and is packed with vitamins C and E. There is also no artificial fragrance used in the product.

3. Different flavors for different occasions
EOS lip balm provides different flavors for different occasions and preference. As of now, EOS products have seven different flavor lines which contain different attributes. The flavors included in the product lines include lemon, vanilla mint, cooling chamomile, vanilla orchid, pomegranate raspberry, sweet mint, and sheer pink. There are summer-exclusive flavors such as the Beach Coconut and Eucalyptus, Sweet Grapefruit, Eucalyptus Spearmint, and the Lavender Latter.

4. Moisturize lips with skin-nourishing ingredients
Just like the skin, the lips would be better looking properly hydrated and properly maintained. Moisturizing is one of the best ways to keep the lips soft and irresistible. Luckily, EOS saw the importance of moisturizing the lips to keep it healthy, that's why they added moisturizing ingredients to their products. In addition to the Shea butter, EOS also uses beeswax because of its skin-softening attributes. An EOS lip balm review from Allure also gave EOS smooth sphere products a thumbs up because of its exceptionally great performance in maintaining the softness of the lips.

5. USDA-certified safe and cruelty-free
EOS products are USDA-Certified, which means that its organic products are not harmful and are organic in nature. The company also revealed that it buys enough organic raw materials in one year that it's enough to fill Washington's Monument up ten feet high. All EOS lip balm products are safe, organic, and naturally derived, which means that there is no limit to which someone can reapply their cosmetics. EOS products are also cruelty-free, which means that no animals have been used for testing. and that the company is dedicated to avoiding potentially-harmful food.

EOS lip balms usually don't contain water and artificial sweeteners. This is done in order to prevent microbial growth, which can spoiler your experience. Parabens are no longer needed because there is no microbial growth. Instead, parabens are replaced with stevia a natural cane sugar, which are all organic and natural, which is good for the health.

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