8 Tips to Find Your Perfect Match and Build a True Connection


We’ve been conditioned to believe that love is something that finds you. Then the reality hits and you realise that it won’t find you and that you need to do the work. Doing the work refers to taking the right steps to increase your chances of meeting new people and recognising those you are compatible with.


Enjoy being single first

If you want to find love, you need to enjoy your singlehood first. It’s all about the mindset and the energy. When you are desperate, you will be perceived as desperate, and it’s the ick factor. On the other hand, when you find joy in your life, just as it is, you will have a different energy - one people will love to be surrounded with.


Know your non-negotiables

The next tip on your pursuit of love is knowing your non-negotiables. For example, if you are looking for a single man or a woman to date, that excludes people in committed relationships. Or, if you strongly desire to be a parent one day, don’t date people who don’t want children.


Expand your social circle

When you are open to new connections, you expand your social circle and inevitably increase your chances of meeting people with similar intentions. A social circle is also necessary to help you maintain balance in your relationship, as you need other people in your life as well. The more you expand your social circle, the more you will look for a partner while your needs are already met, so you’ll choose based on your core values.


Understand your needs

When you understand your needs well, you will look at potential partners differently. This doesn’t mean that you should only look for people who can fulfil all your needs. This means that you will look for a person who can fulfil your needs within a couple, like going on spa dates as a couple, while you’ll be doing other things with friends, like going shopping. Don’t expect your partner to fulfil all your needs, as this is the path to disappointment.


List all your options

We live in the digital era, so there are so many options to meet new people, especially online. There’s a variety of dating apps you can use to meet people. So, dating apps are the easiest option because you just need to download them, set up a profile and start swiping.

However, consider a professional dating agency if you want to be matched with people who are more your fit. This trend is quite popular in Australia, as people who work with dating agency Sydney get matched with people through a personalised approach.


Work on your communication skills

Effective communication is the basis of a healthy relationship. You won’t be able to build if you don’t know how to communicate effectively to get the message across, not just be right. Proper communication is connected to having the right listening skills, as you need to listen first and, through communication, foster an environment of open and honest communication.


Keep an open mind

Most people fail at dating because they have a checklist. We agree that knowing what you want will direct you, however, blindly following a checklist won’t. If you do this, you will eliminate most of the people coming your way. Instead, have certain expectations, but keep an open mind. Allow room for unexpected connections, and don't limit yourself to preconceived notions of an ideal partner. Love may come in unexpected packages.


There isn’t the one

The one is a concept derived from romantic movies. The one, that perfect individual we will kiss and live happily ever after, without knowing how the story actually evolves and unfolds, is a concept. In reality, the one is the person who is in front of us and who we want to build with. We choose that person through communication, shared values, understanding, respect and getting to know that. Doesn’t it sound great?


The last tip we will share and conclude this guide with is to get to know yourself. Before you start looking for a life partner, it's essential to know yourself. understand your values, interests, and life goals and build your self-awareness. Keep an open heart along the way so you’ll recognise good ones crossing your path.


Embarking on the journey to find your future partner is an exhilarating adventure that demands self-discovery, an open heart, and perseverance. By incorporating these 15 tips into your approach, you can enhance your chances of building a meaningful connection with someone who complements your life. Enjoy the journey, stay true to yourself, and trust that love may be just around the corner, waiting to blossom in unexpected ways. Your perfect match awaits, and the path to love is yours to navigate with confidence and enthusiasm.

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