There is a global call from environment advocates to urge multinational companies and leading brands of consumer goods to lessen use of plastics in their product packaging by refilling. It is yet to happen.

However, a local brand called SABON EXPRESS, has joined the global reuse and refill revolution to spur a transition to a plastic-free future. Its founder and Chairman, Mellany Zambrano, believes it is time to shift consumer behavior and habits when it comes to buying household products.

SABON EXPRESS, an innovative consumer goods brand and franchisable store chain, is paving the way for locally manufactured liquid soaps and detergents to have strong foothold in the market with its first-of-its-kind mechanized and automated ‘sabon’ refilling stations that allow consumers to have a refill of highly essential and consumable household products like dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, liquid hand soap, car shampoo, reusing their own bottles and containers – in a hygienic way.

SABON EXPRESS dubbed as The Refill Authority, is trailblazing a more appropriate way of sabon refilling – one that does not require the ‘tindera” to use “tabo” or dipper to fetch products from the drum to manually refill bottles, which is a current practice of most local sabon refilling stores in the country. Said manual process potentially contaminates products and makes refilling messy and unhygienic. Sabon Express recently launched its liquid soap dispensing unit at the ZeroWaste Bazaar in Uptown Mall BGC Taguig last July 18-21 – as the first and only automated and hygienic sabon refilling station in the country.

The Zero Waste Bazaar is in celebration of Plastic-Free July, a collaborative event of Ecowaste Coalition of the Philippines, Greenpeace Philippines, Mother Earth Foundation, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Health Care Without Harm together with Break Free from Plastic, Oceana Philippines International, and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls. It showcased a photo exhibit and bazaar featuring art and eco-friendly stores to make plastic-free Pilipinas a reality.

SABON EXPRESS strongly advocates for “a world with less plastic” by promoting the reuse of plastic containers for household products via its conceptual and innovative hygienic ‘sabon’ refill dispensing unit in all its stores which comes in both manual and automated machines – a game changer in the local ‘sabon’ refilling industry.

With a vision to serve the country’s increasingly demanding market at scale, Sabon Express is committed to continuous research and development and is being assisted by the Department of Science and Technology’s Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) for further product development, technical advancement and good manufacturing technology and processes.

“At Sabon Express, we are always looking for ways to innovate in order to serve our consumers better and to help save the environment in our own little way because our business is advocacy-driven”, says Mellany Zambrano.

Open for franchise, distribution and reselling

Among the signature products of Sabon Express are the Deesh dishwashing liquid, Lanza fabric conditioner, Hush hand soap, Savonex multipurpose cleaner, SoFresh washing machine tub cleaner, Glim glass cleaner, Switch liquid detergent, Vorox toilet care, and CarZ car care.
Sabon Express ALL-IN franchise+ package is worth P388,000 which includes Sabon refill dispensing machine, store fabrication and installation, display racks and counter table, store signages, P50,000 worth of initial product inventory, product marketing/sales training, and more.

For franchise, distribution and reselling inquiries, call Sabon Express hotlines: 0919-0967602/0970-5614670/0965-6912553 or visit their office at 1023 10thFloor, City & Land Mega Plaza, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City.



Learning styles are interesting to take note of as they can help you to revolutionise the way that you learn and get things done. If your child is at school, knowing this can ensure that they get the most out of their lessons. To find out which they have, complete a survey or cross reference your observations against the typical learner traits that we have included below from a senior school in Herefordshire.


Kinaesthetic Learners

These learners like to jump straight into the deep end and get stuck in. They enjoy more practical means of learning and would much rather engage in a science experiment than copy out pages of a textbook. This is the reason why they thrive and enjoy STEM related subjects. If your child has this learning style, outdoor learning opportunities and field trips are things that you may want to consider.


Visual Learners

A visual learner likes diagrams and illustrations. For them, it’s important that they can see things clearly e.g., by having concise notes and that they can see the board. If your child falls into this category, you may want to speak with their teacher to see if you can arrange for them to be moved to the front of the class.


Auditory Learners

An auditory learner can be categorised as someone that responds well to instructions and likes hearing things back. It’s the way that they remember things which is why when teaching them, you should experiment with your tone of voice and repetition. Children with this learning style can also benefit from sitting at the front as it ensures that they can hear clearly and take everything spoken about on board.


There are in fact 4 additional learning styles. They are lesser known but just as important to note. They are: 

  • Verbal (Linguistic)
  • Logical (Mathematical)
  • Social (Interpersonal)
  • Solitary (Intrapersonal)

**Image source: pexels.com


There’s no set way of raising children and nothing can really prepare you for it. There are life skills, however, that are fundamental which knowing can help. A boys’ school in Surrey has shared them with us below.



Knowing how to feed yourself is a survival skill even in today’s day and age. Microwave meals and freezer food will only take you so far. Nutrition plays an important role in how we feel and our overall health which is why it's important for children to know how to make proper food. While now might not be the right time to launch them into making gourmet meals, there are lots of simple and safe things that you can teach them to make like sandwiches for example.



They’ll need to also talk and work with others which is why you should look out for opportunities where they can meet and befriend others. If they aren’t yet comfortable with that, make more time to speak to your child. That can be about their day, what is going on at school and within their social circle.


Problem Solving

Problem solving is also imperative to teach. It’s the skill that they will need to create innovative ideas and navigate their way out of the dilemmas that they find themselves in. This requires creative thinking and the ability to consider alternative perspectives.


Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the next most important as it involves weighing up those ideas to select the best one. It involves analysis, forward thinking and evaluation. 


Emotional Intelligence

Being able to read others is important for socialising. It can help you to make those around you feel better and avoid hurting their feelings.

**Images source: pexels.com


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and in recent years there’s been a heavy push on developing children within these areas. As we know, there’s a widening skills gap that we’re seeing in the corresponding industries and investment into education is being made in response. The fields offer prestigious career opportunities, boast impressive salary expectations, and offer unrivalled job security. To help your child improve and explore opportunities in STEM, follow the guidance that we have included below from a girls’ preparatory school


Water Play

Science can be lots of fun and is something that you can help your child with at home using just a bucket full of water. You can teach them all about forces by picking up and dropping objects that you can find straight in. For a bit of fun, why not turn it into a guessing game where you can earn points?


Confidence is a must for parents to work on with their children. It affects how they see themselves, thus affecting the opportunities that they go for and their ability to deal with social situations. A senior school in Chelsea shares some guidance on how you can approach this below.


Speak Nicely to Your Child

Just like plants, children must be nurtured. The words that they hear growing up can contribute to their internal beliefs and how they see themselves. If this is negative, they will more than likely view themselves in a negative light and suffer from insecurities, hindering their confidence and stopping them from reaching their full potential.

Demonstrate Confidence

Children try to emulate those that they look up to, e.g., their parents. If you as their mother or father chase opportunities and outwardly display your confidence, they will too. Similarly, negative self-talk can be picked up and lead to confidence issues which is why you should be mindful of how you come across around them.


Encourage Them to Explore Their Talents 

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Exploring them, or just even working at a hobby, can help children with their confidence. It gives us a massive confidence boost when we know that we’re good at something or can see improvement within ourselves. This is why you should encourage your child to pick up an extracurricular activity. They can dip their toe into different activities, trying and testing them until they find their calling.


Let Them Make Mistakes

Mistakes are made on the journey to growth. For their confidence, when your children make mistakes it’s important to not dwell on them. This can make them fearful of failure and not want to put themselves forward and take risks. Instead, create a safe space where they can freely make them and learn.


**Image from pexels.com



Figure shapers and shapewear assist in sculpting and shaping your body. You can look stunning and thin while fitting into any outfit thanks to it. The Waistdear-recommended body shapers are listed here. They are renowned as outstanding waist trainer manufacturers and also provide amazing shapewear, lingerie, and sportswear. Do you intend to purchase body shapers for your shop? You are in the proper location. You have come to the right place.

Let’s look at some highly recommended body shapers and their features for your store:


Wholesale Full Body Shaper Lace Detachable Straps

This body shaper wholesale comes with detachable straps that make it easy to wear and remove.



     It is made of 30 percent spandex and 70 percent nylon.

     It comes with a lace design that gives comfort and looks fantastic.

     With its underbust design, it lets you wear any bra you want.

     It has detachable straps that make it simple to put on and off.

     It is available in black and skin color.

     It comes at an affordable and reasonable price.


Wholesale Beige Full Body Shaper Slimming Pants

This product has a great design, look, and even a better plus point. It is available at a very affordable rate.




     It comes with great design and style.

     It has a zipper front closure, making it easy to wear and remove.

     It is made of material-nylon 88 percent + 12 percent spandex that is comfortable, elastic, and durable.

     The body shaper holds and maintains the abdomen and waistline area.

     It is made out of suitable material quality and ensures comfort.


Nude Full Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Queen Size Fat Burning

This shapewear has adjustable straps, and it fits every type and size.




     It comes with material that is a quick-drying and breathable fabric.

     It comes with a design in the trim that can control curling.

     The open crotch design is convenient for daily wear and is easy to wear.

     The material can significantly improve your butt curve.

     It is available in nude color only.


Black Zipper Body Slimming Shaper

This slimming shaper is comfortable and breathable and enhances your shape and posture.



     It comes with a side zipper, making it easy to wear and remove.

     The straps are detachable and durable.

     The material used comprises 88 percent nylon and 12 percent spandex.

     The material used ensures comfort and flexibility when worn.

     It is available in the color black and is reasonable and affordable.



Wholesale Seamless Plus Size Full Body Shaper

This product is seamless, comfortable, and available in many sizes.




     It comprises 77 percent nylon and 23 percent spandex for stretching and comfort.

     Its adjustable shoulder straps ensure a comfortable fit and make it easy to put on and off.

     This bodysuit targets your tummy, waistline, and thighs, carves the body, and forms an elegant line from the abdomen to the thigh.

     It is available in black, orange, dark purple, gray, and skin color.


The mentioned above are  highly recommended body shapers wholesale collections for your stores of fantastic quality and features. These products will not disappoint you and will surely make you come back for more.



Bring out healthy, sexy skin in just two days

Hyaluronic acid and marula oil are the hottest actives in modern skincare. If used independently, each ingredient can give your skin nourishment. Put them together, and their benefits complement each other to bring out your best skin that will make you feel sexy from within!


Clinical trials reveal 100% proven results Collagen makes up about 80% of the skin and is a crucial element for building proteins. But by the time one turns 25, the skin begins to lose this key element. As the skin loses more collagen over time, it becomes harder for the skin to stay smooth and plump.

For decades, global beauty brand Avon has innovated with technology that set the benchmark for skincare. This year, the company’s latest innovation is the breakthrough skin-care product Anew Renewal Serum, which promises healthier and future-proof skin in just 7 days.