5 Important Life Skills to Explore with Your Child


There’s no set way of raising children and nothing can really prepare you for it. There are life skills, however, that are fundamental which knowing can help. A boys’ school in Surrey has shared them with us below.



Knowing how to feed yourself is a survival skill even in today’s day and age. Microwave meals and freezer food will only take you so far. Nutrition plays an important role in how we feel and our overall health which is why it's important for children to know how to make proper food. While now might not be the right time to launch them into making gourmet meals, there are lots of simple and safe things that you can teach them to make like sandwiches for example.



They’ll need to also talk and work with others which is why you should look out for opportunities where they can meet and befriend others. If they aren’t yet comfortable with that, make more time to speak to your child. That can be about their day, what is going on at school and within their social circle.


Problem Solving

Problem solving is also imperative to teach. It’s the skill that they will need to create innovative ideas and navigate their way out of the dilemmas that they find themselves in. This requires creative thinking and the ability to consider alternative perspectives.


Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the next most important as it involves weighing up those ideas to select the best one. It involves analysis, forward thinking and evaluation. 


Emotional Intelligence

Being able to read others is important for socialising. It can help you to make those around you feel better and avoid hurting their feelings.

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