Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and in recent years there’s been a heavy push on developing children within these areas. As we know, there’s a widening skills gap that we’re seeing in the corresponding industries and investment into education is being made in response. The fields offer prestigious career opportunities, boast impressive salary expectations, and offer unrivalled job security. To help your child improve and explore opportunities in STEM, follow the guidance that we have included below from a girls’ preparatory school


Water Play

Science can be lots of fun and is something that you can help your child with at home using just a bucket full of water. You can teach them all about forces by picking up and dropping objects that you can find straight in. For a bit of fun, why not turn it into a guessing game where you can earn points?


Coding Games

Coding is a skill that is growing in demand as digital work expands. Children can learn it through coding games available on the app store and put the theory into practice as they code their own creations.

Mental Maths Games

There’s nothing quite like a family games night. It can make for some quality time with you and your children whilst helping them with their maths (if mathematical).


Visit a Science Museum 

There are a number of science attractions all over that you can visit with your children. It’s a great idea for a day out in the holidays and can show them real life applications of what they have been learning about in school. If your child’s a kinaesthetic learner, they will be completely in their element.

Create a Model Volcano

A volcano is something that you can easily mock up using newspaper, PVA glue, vinegar, water, dish soap and 2 drops of food colouring. 

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