7 Apps To Help You To Manage Your Money

If you are the sort of person that finds managing your money pretty dull and dread the thought of having to sort through your bank statement, then this is the post for you. You might find it a little overwhelming, or perhaps just downright boring. But it doesn’t need to be that way, especially if you are wanting to make big changes to your finances and start to manage your money in a much better way. Because at the end of the day, if you don’t manage it well, then it can get out of control if you don’t know what money you have or where you have it.

Using your savings to add to your capital by investing is a perfectly reasonable course of action, but only if you aren't putting your initial investment at undue risk. If you are new to investing, there are good investing apps for beginners to get you started. With smartphones being a massive part of our lives now, it makes sense to help them to make our lives a little, easier, right? There are so many tools out there that can help us to manage our money better, but it is even better when they are tools that we can use right from the palm of our hand. If you struggle to make sure you have enough cash to last you until payday, or are paying back a personal loan and need to remember to make payments, then there will be an app for that! With that in mind, here are some of the best apps out there to help you to manage your money, so you’ll be a little more Warren Buffet and a little less Lindsay Lohan. Have you used any of them before?


If you want your money to do more for you, but aren’t too sure about the whole investing thing, then an app like Moneybox could be just what you need. The reason being is that the rough idea behind it is that you can invest money that you otherwise wouldn’t really miss. So they don’t need to be large amounts, for example. It helps you to round up any normal purchase that you would normally be making and will put that extra rounded up amount into an ISA or in stocks and shares for you. It could be from as little as $1, so it is worth looking into if some extra cash would come in handy.


If you are into investments or want to be, then Moneyfarm could be a good option for you. In short, it helps to create an on-the-go investment portfolio. You can use the app to trade and invest, with it costing you less than it would on other platforms or to use a trader or a financial advisor platform. The only thing is that it is a platform for wealth management. And although you can start using it with something as little as $1, it does recommend larger amounts, such as using sums of over $1500. So if you never have that kind of money spare, then it may not be the best for you.

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is an app where you can input data about your credit cards, bank accounts, and other savings accounts. And then you can simply manage it all from one platform. In this day and age, there are many of us that use different banks for different things, depending on interest rates, for example. So if you use an individual bank’s app, then it will only be for one or two specific accounts. In this case, you can have all of your information in one place, making it easy to manage, transfer money, and know what you have in what account, anytime that you like. Useful if you have lots of accounts, and find that remembering things like banking passwords is a pain.


Similar to Money Dashboard, Wonderbill is an app all about having your bills in one place. You record what bills are due and when, and then you can manage them through the app, pay them, and get notified when they are due. If you are someone that misses deadlines, gets charged late fees, or needs to manage the bills that you pay in a better way, then the free Wonderbill app could be just what you need.


The Chip app is a great app to get if you need to learn to save more money and to save more often. What the app does is to look at your spending, and then figure out how much you can save each month, without a massive detriment to your normal spending. It will then move that decided amount to a savings account. So it is out of sight and out of mind with the Chip app. If automated savings means that it is more likely to happen for you, then looking at Chip could be a great idea for you. Being automatic is a big selling point.

Savings Goals

We all have things that we want to save money for, even if they are just in our heads and we’re not actively saving for them. But an app like Savings Goals can be a good way to save and plan for something specific like a wedding or a new car. You can decide what you are saving for and set yourself a deadline for doing that saving. From there, the app will tell you what you need to be saving each day, week, or month, to make sure that you are able to reach your target.  When broken down into small amounts, it doesn’t sound as scary or hard to save, does it? If you keep on top of it, it can be a great tracking app to have on your phone.


If you are a homeowner, or soon want to be, you will know that your mortgage payment is likely to be your largest payment that you have to pay each month. But what Habito is, is a digital mortgage advisor built-in to your phone. So if you’re setting up a new mortgage or want to remortgage, then you can use the chat-bot to talk things through and advise on the best places to go for the best rate for you.

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