How to Increase Brain Function

Did you know that your brain contains approximately one hundred billion neurons? One of the most common misconceptions about the brain is that we use only 10 percent of it. No, we use it in its entirety, all one hundred billion neurons. So, it is no wonder that your brain can get tired of juggling all the difficult tasks you are placing in front of it. Because it gives you so much, your brain deserves to be rewarded with proper care and attention which will help it achieve its full potential. Here are some useful tips which will help you increase your brain function.

Game on!

Proper brain function is not a game, but you can surely use games to improve how your brain reacts and acts in certain circumstances. Brain games range from those that will boost your memory to those that will make your eye-hand coordination better. Let’s see a few excellent examples:
        Solve math problems in your head.
        Visualize the spelling of words in your mind.
        Do crosswords.
        Try to memorize your grocery shopping list.
        Play jigsaw puzzles.
        Play problem-solving video games.
        Try Sudoku or chess.
        Use the hand you don’t normally use for writing and other tasks…

Get physical

Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine found that some hormones which are increased during physical activity can improve memory. Another study discovered that children with better fitness achieved better academic scores. As you see, there are many reasons, other than physical fitness and better overall health, to put your training sneakers on and start jogging, going to the gym, or do whatever else works for you.

Sleep well

Have you noticed how you are putting salt in the fridge, opening the closet door instead of the toilet one, or doing some similar nonsense when you haven’t had a good night sleep? Well, sleep deprivation can do these sorts of things to a person, especially if it lasts for a long time. So, make sure you are getting your eight hours of quality sleep no matter what.

What goes inside counts

The food you eat, the beverages you drink, and everything you conduct into your organism affects your brain. Some of the worst things you can treat your brain are sugary drinks, highly processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol. On the other, the good side of the spectrum is fatty fish, broccoli, nuts, eggs, and green tea.

Cognitive supplements

You should also take into account that there are many supplements that can compensate for the lack of minerals and vitamins your brain is hungry for. With science being at its peak, finding the best focus pills shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, there are many supplements you can buy over the counter to improve your clarity of focus, thinking, focus, and alertness. Those supplements are usually herb-based and they provide you with the nutrients you can’t normally receive enough, or at all from, your regular diet.

Never stop learning

The day you throw your graduation cap into the air shouldn’t be the last day you’ve learned something new. On the contrary, you should learn while you’re alive. Gaining new knowledge will keep your brain vital. Choose something interesting, like a foreign language, creative writing, playing a musical instrument, etc.


Social relationships are of paramount importance for your happiness and health, but they also play a role in boosting your brain function. Conversations and social interactions are stimulative for your brain. They help you keep your mind sharp and your vocabulary rich, both of which have a huge impact on cognitive function.
Going to another room to grab something and forgetting what you need once you get there may not seem as a severe brain function issue now, but if you don’t react straight away and keep your brain in check, you will be exposed to higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia later.

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