Eating Healthily During Midlife Doesn't Have To Be Boring!

You may be under the mistaken belief that healthy eating in midlife is all about cutting out the tasty items, and replacing them with stuff that looks like bird seed, or rabbit food! Of course, this isn't the case at all, and there are plenty of ways to eat a balanced diet that are enjoyable and delicious. Just read my suggestions below to see what they are!


OK, so there are now a lot of folks are fasting or cleansing overnight and in the morning now, and so don't eat breakfast at all. However, if you are one of the ones that aren't, you will need a healthy but tasty recipe to eat first thing in the morning.

One such recipe is a simple dish of overnight oats. This is where you take some porridge oats and soaks them in milk or yoghurt, yep, you guessed it overnight! (In the refrigerator of course.) The oats then plump up and take up all the goodness of the dairy and are a delicious and filling way to start your day!


Of course, parts of a healthy diet is being as hydrated as possible through the day. Something that can cause a real problem for those of us that find the taste of water boring. Happily, there are some smart alternatives out there that can help you jazz things up a bit and still get the hydration that you need.

One of these is to drink flavored water with no sugar which tastes fantastic, and so will encourage you to drink but will not add any extra calories to your daily diet. Alternatively, you may wish to cut up fruit and vegetables like strawberries, lemons, and cucumbers and add this to your own drink throughout the day for added flavor.


When it comes to lunch, some people can get stuck if they are looking to eat in a healthy and well-balanced way. I think this is because we get into the habit of eating white bread sandwiches. Luckily, it is possible to make the humble sandwich healthier by replacing the bread with wholemeal, and if you are concerned about calories you can make it an open sandwich as well, with loads of veggies instead of the other slice of bread!

Keep an eye of the sauces and condiments you use in your sandwich too, as a little mayo can add up to a lot of calories! Therefore, it's a good idea to go for low-fat options instead like this.


Lastly, for the most substantial meal of the day, you will want something tastes great and is satisfying, but that is also healthy and balanced. You will be pleased to discover then, that it is often possible to adjust your favorite recipes to make them a lot healthier and reduce the fat they contain.

For example,  instead of deep-frying chips for ham and eggs, you can use an air fryer with much less oil and still get a delicious result. Additionally, try making bolognese without any added oils, and you can even create a white sauce to go on top from cottage cheese, eggs and nutmeg if you want to steer clear of bechamel for a time too. Something that shows you can have many of your favorite dishes while knowing you are taking care of your health as well.

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