Relaxation Tips For Every Stressed Out Mum

When you become a mother, lack of sleep and stress also become your constant companions, and you sometimes do not even know how you should survive the day. Here are thirteen preventative and uncomplicated chill out tips that promise relaxation for mothers, and with which you can recharge your batteries every day!

1. Slow Down The Morning Routine
After not getting enough sleep at night, it is even more important to start the day as calmly as possible. Of course, there are enough reasons for a hectic rush, after all, a lot of tasks are waiting for you every day. But try to fade that out, at least for the first ten minutes of the day. Play with your kids as if you had nothing else to do all day long. This will do you both good.

Even if the day starts with your first meal, getting dressed or brushing your teeth, and maybe you feel the pressure of time, you do not have to worry about your thoughts in the next few hours. Of course, this is not always easy and may even take a little practice.

2. Avoid Hectic Schedules
Stress arises due to mental workloads and hectic schedules. Everything you should plan for should be done early. Spend as much time as possible on preparations - for holidays, visits or birthdays - so that you do not end up in stressed out situations too often. And if you are done too soon, that's also great. Because this is how you deliberately create free space to relax before you start something new. 

3. Accept Help
As a mother, you are not alone. There are many who can help you. Ask relatives or friends for help with babysitting if you would like to go out without the baby for an hour or so. You can even ask your neighbor to bring you something from the supermarket or ask your mother or mother if she can come to cook on certain days. If you can afford it, take a maid.

4. Pay Attention To A Healthy Diet
When you are exhausted, you hardly have the luxury time to prepare yourself a lavish meal. But stuffing any old food is somewhat counterproductive in terms of stress and fatigue. Especially in the morning after a sleepless night, a good breakfast with an extra energy kick for the rest of the day is worth gold!

Among others, healthy weeknight dinners, with fresh fruit, whole grains, and lots of protein such as lean meat offer you vitamins and good carbohydrates and thus more power than Nutella, jam, and white bread, for example. Similarly, you can prepare something delicious with the remaining meals with fresh food even if you have very little time. Also, your body will enjoy the extra energy and make it through the day.

5. Exercise Often
Exercise as a relaxation tip? Is this a joke? That's too exhausting! But actually, a walk in the fresh air or a mini-workout in between will do wonders. Even if you felt like a little heap of misery before. As soon as you have overcome yourself and have revved up your circulation a bit, fatigue is driven away, and afterward, you feel paradoxically even more relaxed.

It is not a problem if you do not want to torture yourself extra for the gym. Even at home, you can do something for your fitness and easily decide for yourself when you can take the time just for it. Even just a few minutes of yoga can be enough to help ease with backache or tension from the body. Yoga, among other activities, is especially helpful for people who suffer from spondylosis. 

6. Plan Sensibly
To find a little time for your own relaxation, a good planning is half the battle. But that does not mean that you necessarily have to do more in less time. In case of overexertion and lack of sleep precisely the opposite is announced. Even just one to two tasks in the household, which you do every day should be sufficient, especially during stressful phases. For example, do not plan to clean the whole apartment at once. But instead, start with bringing the living room to fruition, then move on to the kitchen or bedroom the next day. Or you even start by merely eliminating the chaos from a particular cupboard in a room, and continue in bits. Errands should also be distributed as evenly as possible throughout the week.

7. Pamper Yourself
This point includes the more classic relaxation tips for mothers. Power and energy can also be well fueled by finding opportunities to just escape from your everyday stress. After the endless sleepless nights and family chaos, you can indulge yourself with a massage, manicure or a new hairstyle for a change. Also, you can meet up for a coffee with a good friend or a visit to the cinema with your partner can bring you to other thoughts.

At home, you should treat yourself again and again to lots of small breather breaks and mind retreats. For example; when was the last time you listened to your favorite music album? When did you last read a good book or watch an exciting TV series? Take a bubble bath, paint, or make music, perhaps. Regardless of where you can relax the best, it is important that you accept help or consciously seek help from others so that you know your child well taken care of while you treat yourself to the necessary 'me time.'

8. Do Nothing
Especially perfectionist mothers may find this next tip very difficult to handle. Even if the laundry basket is overflowing, or the dishwasher needs clearing, if you feel that your body urgently needs a break, then give it what it asks for and do nothing. At least once a day, mothers need ten to thirty minutes in which they do absolutely nothing.

Breathe and enjoy these moments. Shut down all your thoughts, play some music, eat something enjoyable, get rid of the jogging clothes, put your feet up, flip through your favorite magazine, call your best friend. Also, if your child often sleeps during the day, then take the opportunity to have a nap also! If you do not succeed in falling asleep so quickly, then instead try to enjoy the silence around you and think of nothing or at least something nice so your body can recharge its batteries. In short, it's not about the duty, but about yourself. If you enjoy these time-outs, you can draw a lot of strength in everyday life. With everything you do every day for your family, you can treat yourself to doing nothing without a guilty conscience.

9. Learn to Say No
Do not overburden yourself with too many tasks; learn to protect yourself from excessive demands and say no. It can be a liberating feeling to say no to obligations that do not fit in. When you can learn to stay cool and even cancel an appointment, you will be able to go through life better, and you will not always be feeling tired.

10. Solve Conflicts Fast
There's no point bringing more trouble and stress to your already stressful routine as a mother. If you find yourself involved in a conflict, decide quickly whether it is necessary to deal with it. Whether it is a conflict with a friend, or a family member or your partner, it's best to solve it as quickly as possible to clear your mind and give your children the full necessary attention they deserve.

11. Think Positively
Positive thinking is a great way to boost your brain’s health. Phrases like "This never works," "I cannot do that" and "Everything's going wrong today" should be deleted from your vocabulary. Stress is triggered when we perceive tasks as threatening. Be aware of this and give a positive indication of your fears. For example, saying things like "This may be difficult, but I can handle that," "I'll learn from this for the next time," "I'll stay calm and relaxed." When you realize that negative thoughts are flashing, say "Stop!", Breathe in, relax your muscles, and repeat your positive thoughts. Be sure to use positive words, such as “Healthy" instead of "Not sick," "Brave" instead of "Not Afraid".

12. Laugh More Often
It is said that laughing is the best medicine. And that's it! Laughter releases you, relaxes you, and makes you happy. Even if you are in danger of drowning in chaos, just pretend that you are well. Radiate and think of something beautiful and try to smile. You will see that helps. When laughing, you trigger happiness hormones, which give you the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. 

13. Nobody Is Perfect

Being in constant doubt about yourself and your abilities bring no justice to you and may cause you to always chase after an ideal standard which only makes you unhappy in the long run. Instead, if you turn your back on perfectionism, you will realize how much pressure will be taken off your shoulders.  From now on, dare to fill the gap and strengthen for your own paths rather than seeking an unachievable standard. Stay true to the motto: as good as possible instead of perfect.

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