How to Make Your Home Smell Fresh in 5 Easy Steps

The key to creating a comfortable home environment lies in appealing to all of your senses. The aromas and scents that spread through your home can have a major impact on its general atmosphere. If your home is filled with unpleasant, stuffy, mouldy smells, you can feel uncomfortable, moody and even a bit anxious. On the other hand, letting pleasant aromas permeate your haven will not only make it more appealing, but you’ll actually feel more at peace.

Let essential oils come to your rescue

If you want to fill your home with sensual, soothing and relaxing aromas, you should definitely use essential oils. A great way to let them spread throughout your home is to introduce essential oil diffusers. This will help you create an aromatherapeutic effect in your home that will feel more like a sanctuary than ever before. Typically, you just need to fill these diffusers with water and a few drops of your essential oils and the essential oil diffusers will spread fragrances through your home in the form of a fine scented mist.

There are plenty of Essential Oil Recipes that will make you fall in love with your home’s atmosphere.  For instance, if you want to introduce one of the freshest aromas to your home, you can combine 3 drops lavender + 2 drops lemon + 2 drops grapefruit + 2 drops spearmint.  You can also de-stink the room by combining 2 drops lemon + 1 drop tea tree (melaleuca) + 1 drop cilantro + 1 drop lime.

You can make your home smell sublime by mixing different variants of essential oils to make your own customized essential oil blends that suit your need.  With the help of nebulizing diffuser, diffusing essential oils not only help make your home smells good but also can provide health benefits as well. 

Get rid of the culprits

Thus, take some time to find the source of those nasty smells. You should pay special attention to mould, especially if your home is filled with a musty, damp smell. To get rid of it, you’ll have to remove mould, which may require a lot of work. Filthy garbage disposals, dirty refrigerators, unclean pet beds, dirty rugs, and other neglected areas can all be the source of nasty odours in your safe haven. As soon as you identify the sources, you should apply appropriate steps to eliminate them, which typically entails thoroughly cleaning your home and washing the fabrics.

Let the fresh air in

Nothing feels more enjoyable than a breath of fresh air. You should open up your windows and let those unpleasant smells air out. You should do this on a regular basis because it will help you increase your indoor air quality. However, since a lot of outdoor pollutants and allergens may come inside, reducing your air quality and making your home feel stuffy, you should also consider adding several effective air purifiers that will remove all those tiny dust and mould particles from your home, making it feel fresher, more open and enjoyable.

Ventilate your cooking smells

Making sure that your cooking smells remain in the kitchen is another effective way to create an aromatic home atmosphere. Of course, when baking delicious cookies, you can let their flavoury scent permeate your space. However, when preparing fish or some other not-so-aromatic dish, it’s essential that you turn on a ventilation hood. If you don’t have one, you should consider investing in a reliable model like an effective Bosch hood that can eliminate any odours that might be lingering in your kitchen. This way, you can control which kitchen fragrances can circulate your living space.

Introduce plants and flowers

Welcoming houseplants and flowers to your home is an easy way to create a fresh, lovely atmosphere. You should introduce plants that act as natural air purifiers because they will improve your indoor air quality by eliminating toxins and allergens. Orchids, peace lily, spider plant, and snake plant are just some of the beautiful options. As for flowers, they are a wonderful way to add a lovely scent to your home while also embellishing it.

In just six easy steps, you can have a home with a fresh atmosphere and beautiful aromas permeating its every corner.

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