Tips from Interior Design Experts


Some homeowners relish the opportunity to let their inner creative juices flow when designing and decorating each of their rooms and pay little to no attention to high-end designers.

Conversely, some fashionistas love to express their knowledge and passion for trending interior design features, and if you are one of those fashion-forward folk, then this article is for you.

Read on to discover five trending expert tips from professional interior designers.


1.   Don’t Be Afraid of Colour


Firstly, and especially in the case of more restrictive rooms such as your bathroom and kitchen, it can be tempting to follow the norm when it comes to colour choices, with people often opting for a cream in the former and a grey in the latter.

From now on, when browsing the paint stores of the local hardware shop, break out of your comfort zone and instead choose brighter and bolder colours that reflect more of your personality and showcase key features of each room.


2.   Experiment with Different Lighting Styles

Lighting, both in terms of the aesthetic impact of the fixtures and fittings and, indeed, the positioning of the lights themselves, is one of the most influential factors in creating the right kind of ambience inside the home.

Expert interior designers always, without exception, focus their attention on highlighting certain areas of the rooms with an assortment of table lamps, ceiling lights, spotlights and/or floor lamps, and layered lighting is timeless and always effective.


3.   Always Measure Your Furniture Beforehand

Luxury furniture designers and suppliers ligne roset UK have an impressively varied selection of statement pieces of furniture that will become the enticing focal point of your living room. Remember, even the smallest of your rooms should still have a place that the eye is drawn to.

One common mistake people make, however, is to forget or even disregard the importance of measuring your old sofa beforehand to ensure that the dimensions of the new sofa are appropriate.


4.   Always Incorporate a Selection of Natural Elements

Interior designers like to bring a touch of the natural world inside any space they are decorating, and whether you choose repurposed and recycled wooden furniture to add an earthy tone or introduce an array of indoor plants, the more natural the ambience, the better.

Indoor plants also provide numerous benefits outside of trending interior design, including fresher and cleaner air throughout your home, a positive boost to your concentration and focus levels and even a lift to a lower-than-normal mood.


5.   Antique Pieces Equal Elegance

Finally, even though the world of interior design is constantly evolving to suit the trending colours, features and themes of the day, one hard and fast rule is that antique items, whether they are larger pieces of furniture or smaller ornaments, always conjure an elegant and even glamorous ambience.

Antique focal points can also be a great icebreaker and general talking point at dinner parties and family gatherings and can convey a real sense of your own personality, too.


**image source: pexels.com

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