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We live in the 21st century, an era of technology. If we look around us, we have been highly dependent upon technology. No doubt, technology helps human in several ways and have made life easy and convenient. At the same time, it also has restricted people to stick to it. Be it a housewife, an employee or an owner of an organization, everyone has become so busy in their respected field and have less time to meet and greet the loved ones. Everyone wants to be the winner of the race and in achieving all this, we have no idea what we have been compromising. 

Our generation is least bother about all the things which our parents had followed but thanks to the technology and a few events which has changed the name but the theme is exactly same as it is used to be a years ago. For example, baby shower, bridal shower, convocation ceremony, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, valentine’s day, teacher’s day Halloween party etc. Each event falls in a different month so it becomes a good opportunity for everyone to at least have a celebration once a month. The background of theme parties is that we have to arrange all the things according to the theme, from dressing to the arrangement of the venue, color etc.

In this month, we celebrate an event of Halloween. It is celebrated on 31st October in different countries. According to Christianity, the spirits and fairies come down on Earth and participate actively so the Christians welcome them in the world and ready for their hospitality. People arrange costume parties, lighting, bonfire, Apple bobbing, jack o lanterns etc. It calls for a huge party and people celebrate this event in their own way.

To make this event memorable, again thanks to the technology that we have cameras. We can capture moments to cherish them all the life-long. People especially take pictures because they dressed up according to the theme. Some people adopt the look of fairies and saint and some adopt evil get up.

Taking pictures in different get-ups is always so much fun. But, this fun can be ruin when we see the pictures very next day. As this occasion, generally celebrate in the night and there are not fewer lights other than lanterns, candles and few dim lights.

Online photo editor is the newest trend and it has become a ray of light for all those who love to take pictures.  I have seen a lot of photoshopped and websites but they do not justify the results as some of them one good feature and failed to satisfy in other options. Fotor.com is a platform where we can edit photos, crop the photos, make collages. It also allows adding different templates of the selected theme. We can easily transform the picture as per our requirements without any complications as it is user-friendly. We can have easy access to the website as well as fotor app. It also provides a detailed tutorial for first-time users.

Photo editing can be done easily and we can have the desired photo by following a few steps:

Step 1:
Go to the page and click on editing the photo. You will get this page saying Add Photo First.

Step 2:
Click on Add Photo First. You will get different options through which picture can be chosen.

Step 3:
Choose the photo from available option.

Step 4:
Choose the basic editing options by clicking on basic. We can easily rotate, crop and increase the brightness of the picture.

Step 5: 
As we all know, the festival of Halloween is coming up and Fotor has come up with a customized editing option which is specially designed for Halloween.

Step 6:
We have different options to make our picture more dramatized and attractive. Choose the favorite option and click apply.

Step 7: 
There is another option for adding stickers. We can make the picture look more horror by adding the favorite sticker on it.

Step 8:           
There is also an option of adding text, heading, and subheading. We can write quotes and other text which we want to share with our friends.

Step 9:

Step 10:
It is my most favorite option because other apps ask us to save photo first and then give us the option to send to our loved ones. Using Fotor, we can directly send the photo via Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp etc. We can also send the picture if we want to send it later.

You can now clearly see the difference between the original and the transformed picture.

Making a photo collage had always been a difficult task for me but not anymore. Fotor has also an option of making a collage. Of course, the process is so easy.

Following are the steps to make a collage:

Step 1:
Select the option of Collage from the main page of the website.

Step 2:
Select the collage style and add the desired photos. Rest of the editing options remain the same.

And here you go, the edited pictures with collage are ready in few minutes.

Isn’t the editing and making collage being so easy now? What are you waiting for? Download the app in the phone or simply open the laptop check all Fotor's Design templates and use all the necessary stickers and templates according to your needs. 

Visit the official page of Fotor.com and impress family and friends.

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