Everything You Need to Know About Having a Gorgeous Wedding Abroad in Asia

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life that should be enjoyed and embraced at all times. The moment you got engaged you knew you wanted to get married abroad in a place that means a lot to you and your fiancé. Whether you met there on a trip or that’s the place he popped the question, Asia has always had a special place in your heart. A stylish wedding is achievable wherever you choose to have it, but there is something so special about a wedding in another country, such as Indonesia. The elegant décor, the picturesque backdrop and the stunning accommodation you can rent out for your guests, are just a few of the elements that will make it all the more magical. In addition, you will already be in the perfect place to experience your honeymoon together so there will be no additional travel costs for your special getaway as a couple. If you are undecided about where to get married and how to organize all of the details then you need to keep reading and make notes. Discover the magic of a wedding abroad and enjoy the entire process of planning something unique, innovative and sophisticated in a place bursting with history and beauty.

Accommodation is Key

When you are planning a wedding in Asia, you need to make sure you always have a place to stay when you travel to your venue and organize your details. You can also keep the house for close family members to stay when they come over for the wedding. Renting out a place abroad for around a year will help to ease your mind and give you the confidence of having a base over there. This website, https://www.rumah.com/apartemen-dijual will tell you all of the options when it comes to accommodation. If you are completely in love with the country you are getting married in you might want to buy a house over there so it can become a holiday home. Think carefully about your options and make sure you are always prepared with somewhere to stay. You don’t want to get to your wedding day and then be homeless! Take your pick from the stunning houses and apartments and you will have the most perfect place to stay for your special day.

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It Will Take a Little More Planning

Be prepared to spend that little bit of extra time planning your wedding abroad in Asia. You will be dealing with a time difference so your phone calls might need to be made at specific times during the day. You will also need to factor in visits to the location so that you can be completely satisfied with your decisions. Don’t book your wedding too soon because you will want that extra time to fully plan the important details of your wedding abroad. Around 18 months – two years would be the perfect timescale to plan a wedding like this,

Expect a Language Barrier

You might want to become fluent in the language of the destination you’re getting married in. Understanding basic expressions and conversations will be a fundamental process of planning your wedding and you don’t want to have any miscommunications along the way. Hire a translator if you want to be on the safe side, as they will be able to clear up any confusion along the way.

Not Everybody Will Come

When you have a wedding that’s in a different country, you have to be prepared for people to say no and politely decline your invitation. Of course, your family and close friends will all want to make the effort to join you in your celebration, but other people might not be able to afford to fly out. Be very selective with whom you choose to invite and then you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. You want to spend your special day with the people who are most important to you, so make sure you only put these people on your guest list.

The Weather Will Be Beautiful

Choosing a destination that tends to have warm weather all year round will ensure that your wedding doesn’t get rained on. No matter what the weather forecast is, it’s bound to be a beautiful day, but your mind will be at ease knowing that you have chosen a place that has excellent weather conditions for most of the year. The best time of year to visit a place like Java would be during the dry season, which spans from May to September. If you choose this season to hold your wedding you can expect sunshine, warmth and dry days almost every day.

Embrace the Food and Culture

When you have a wedding in Asia you have to embrace the stunning, gourmet food they will have to offer you. The array of luxurious spices, ginger, coconut, and soy, you will be in food heaven. Imagine a plate bursting with vegetables and color with beautiful bok choy, sesame green beans, and coconut shrimp; your guests will be drooling in delight at the amazing food you are offering them. It will truly be a wedding breakfast to remember and you won’t regret embracing the true Asian recipes.

Your Pictures Will Be Breathtaking

The stunning backdrop of your wedding will serve as the perfect keepsakes for your wedding pictures. You won’t have to worry about unsightly views and eyesores in the background, because Indonesia has some of the most stunning scenery in the entire world. Whether you choose a remote place on an island or a city center structure, you will have wedding photographs like no other. Make sure you embrace a photoshoot at sunset and make use of the gorgeous natural lighting surrounding you.

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Choose a Venue That Means a Lot to You

Don’t choose a venue based on price, location or aesthetics, you need to find a place that truly means a lot to both of you. Perhaps you visited the location when you first got engaged or you discovered it when you were on holiday. Think carefully about why you want to get married there and make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons.

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You Need to Think About Your Dress

Your dress needs to complement the space you choose to get married in. If you are choosing a grand castle type venue, then your dress needs to be opulent and over the top. However, if you are going for a quieter, intimate wedding then an understated dress would be more appropriate. Take pictures of your wedding venue to your wedding dress fitting and they will be able to see what is most appropriate for your chosen setting.

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Enjoy the Day

You should embrace every single special moment of your wedding day and enjoy it to the maximum. Your guests will be well taken care of by the members of staff at the venue and all you need to worry about it making the day simply perfect for you. All the hard work leading up to the wedding will be all worth it once you have married the person you love. Your wedding day will be a memory that lasts forever, so capture every single moment in your mind.

So plan a stunning wedding in Asia and you won’t be disappointed on your special day. The weather, the views and the experience will be unlike any other day you have experienced, so take it all in, enjoy the moment and make sure you take delight in the entire planning process.

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