Staples for minimalist wardrobe

If you have ever looked into your closet and thought to yourself “I have nothing to wear”, despite the piles of clothes you see, it’s most likely because you don’t own the right items. When you don’t purposefully build your wardrobe, you end up with a lot of random, incoherent pieces. That is when it’s time to start thinking about a minimalist wardrobe that will help you save space, time and money, and spare you from every day “nothing to wear” stresses.

Before you fully commit to a smaller closet, a good idea might be to try the minimalist wardrobe challenge for a month or two, in order to understand the process better and realize what works best for you. The key to a successful wardrobe is to have foundational items which are classic, versatile and flattering. When you have these basic items, you will never run out of things to wear, because they easily connect your prints, accent colors and textures, in order to create endless combinations. Here are some of the staple pieces which should be the core of every minimalist wardrobe:

Neutral tops

Versatile and seasonless, a basic t-shirt, camisole or tank top is an unavoidable part of a minimalistic wardrobe. It’s easy to layer under cardigans and jackets and dress up or down with accessories. This classic blouse is timeless and versatile as well, and it’s very easy to layer under sweaters and cardigans. Paired with skirts and dress pants, it is an essential part of business wear, but it is also a great addition to any casual outfit.

A neutral colored sweater or cardigan is an essential piece for colder months. It layers easily over blouses and tanks and it pairs beautifully with almost any bottom, from fancy skirts to jeans and dress pants.

Little black dress

A structured, form-fitting black dress is a quintessential part of any minimal wardrobe. Styled with the right accessories, it is a piece that can be worn on almost any occasion.

Neutral pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is a versatile piece that pairs well with every wardrobe staple and creates numerous outfit options, from more casual styles to office-appropriate attire. Opt for a skirt in the same color or style as your neutral jacket, in order to create a suit-resembling formula.

Basic jeans and pants

Everyone needs a pair of black and a pair of denim jeans in their closet, in the shape and style that flatters their body the most. From casual to dressy, they support any outfit well, and they are the perfect wardrobe building item. For special occasions and business attire, opt for a well-tailored pair of neutral colored dress pants. Much like the skirt, these pants should coordinate with your jacket to create a suit-like outfit.

Neutral shoes

Light and airy, a pair of quality Birkenstock Arizona sandals is a great addition to any summer outfit. They are great for any non-formal occasion and are, above all, the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever own.

Every woman should have a pair of comfortable heels in her closet, ones that pair well with any outfit and which are suitable for every occasion.

Comfortable and fashionable, a pair of black ankle boots is a wardrobe staple suitable for numerous outfits and occasions during colder, wetter months.

Classic jacket

Whether you opt for a neutral colored blazer, biker jacket or trench coat, make sure your choice compliments your personal style and lifestyle requirements. Practical and versatile, a classic jacket can instantly pull a polished look together, and should always be a part of any minimal wardrobe.

If an all neutral color palette is not your forte and you want to make a minimalist wardrobe more interesting, you can easily add some colorful or printed statement pieces into your rotation. But the most important thing is to have a core wardrobe filled with basic pieces which complement each other and make outfit planning a breeze.

Don’t worry about constructing a perfect minimalist wardrobe on the first try – like most things in life, it is a process of trial and error. The key is to experiment and have fun with the versatility of your new closet and enjoy a less stressful, decluttered life.

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