A Guide to Repairing a Leaking Pipe

Of all the things that can go wrong with a home, the leaky pipe is perhaps the most frustrating and aside from the wasted water, a leak can actually cause damage. One thing you can count on is that the leak will grow over time, therefore, the sooner you have it fixed, the better. The first task is to actually locate the leaking section of pipe and this can be very difficult. One could always call in the local plumber, but if you fancy tackling the problem yourself, here are a few ways that you can deal with a leaking water pipe.

Leaking Joint

Should the leak be coming from a pipe joint, you can try simply tightening the joint using an adjustable spanner - that is if you have access - as often the leak is in an inaccessible place. If the leak persists after the tightening, it needs to be removed and either replaced or repaired. If you have no experience in removing a section of water pipe, you are best advised to leave it to a plumber, who would make short work of any leak.

Ruptured Water Pipe

This usually involves heavy water loss, as any rupture would be substantial. Turn the water off at the mains - if you don’t know where the main tap is, you should locate it as soon as you have finished reading this article - as soon as you can. Then you can begin to remove the water and take a look at the affected area. This will involve replacing a section of the pipe and that will invariably mean removing floorboards or plaster, and unless you are a seasoned DIYer, pick up the phone and ask your local plumber to handle it.

The C Clamp

If the pipe damage is not too large, you can affect repairs using a C clamp with some rubber lining, by placing it centrally over the crack and tighten evenly, applying enough pressure to flatten the rubber lining, which should hold off the water. Of course, you will need to have access to the ruptured section, which can seriously hamper the work and an experienced plumber would likely be a better alternative. If the rupture is under the sink, you should have good access and after turning off the water at the mains, drain all the water from the pipes and clean the problem area. If you are going to hacksaw off a section of copper piping, this is a point of no return, and calling in an expert is the best solution.

Drain Inspection

When one wants to look for drain pipe repair in Havant, or anywhere else for that matter, and a quick online search will have you in touch with an experienced plumber. Aside from fixing the problem, he will make minimal damage to the property and while he’s there you might as well ask him to give your drains an inspection. The modern plumber can deploy his rugged, go-anywhere CCTV camera into your drainage system, which gives him a clear picture of the condition if the inner surfaces.

Anything untoward can be remedied, thus ensuring that you never suffer from the dreaded blocked sewer, and for what it costs, you have peace of mind that your drains are in good condition and free from obstacles. 


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