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"Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a good daddy."

Who we are right now is because of our parents. They are the ones that help shape our future. And of the most critical influence in our childhood was a father.  While any man can father a child, but there is a more important role of being a father in a child’s life. A father is someone who would teach us the game of life and how to play it right.

But not all dads share the same parenting style and even personalities. Studies show that modern dads can be categorized into three namely a Provider, Super-Sub/Proud and Career/Workaholic dad. Despite the differences, we know the fact that a father will do everything for the sake of his family. Just like my husband, who chose to work overseas to provide excellent education, food and the things his daughter needs. His sacrifice trading loneliness working far abroad in the hope of bringing a brighter future to our family is the most selfless decision he ever made.  I know how unmeasurable those tears of sadness he's hiding behind those smiles we see as we talk through video chat. A father can be far from perfect, but as a parent, he'll do many things for the sake of his child.

Every year, just like how we celebrate Mother's Day, we also honor and celebrates fatherhood, paternal bonds and recognize the contribution of fathers in the society on the third Sunday in June worldwide in mainly 40+ countries. Now it's already the month of June, so it means Father's Day is just around the corner! It's your turn to show how much you love and appreciate him. You can buy gifts such as a piece of clothing, a gadget, gift baskets or personalized things like a mug, pen, watch, etc. Because a great dad deserves a fantastic present. But if you don't have any budget, you can still express your love with a warm and thoughtful custom Father's Day photo card. You can see many online photo editor, but the one that stands out is Fotor. I have been using Fotor for quite some time now because it's user-friendly navigation and it also provides tutorials for first-time-users. You can use either a Fotor App or website to edit, design or make a collage of your photos. It comes with many editing tools that are easy to use.

Here's how photo cards made easy by Fotor:

Step 1. Go to the photo card. Click “Get Started.” Choose your template. 

Step 2. Choose from the given card template which is 2048px x 1536px. Drag and drop your photo into the image shape. You can also opt to choose the templates itself since all designs are perfect, you don’t need a photo. 

Step 3: Customized. You can add Stickers, edit the Text and change the Background color of your card. 
Step 4: Save or Share. You can choose to Save on your device and send it to your father through email or messaging apps. There's also a Share button which will allow you to share your card directly on the social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Facebook Messenger but that's only available to Fotor Pro users.
That's it! Making your photo card is easy peasy...

But wait! You can also upload several photos and create a stunning collage of the memorable pictures you have with your father.

Fotor's collage maker provides different kinds of photo collage templates for free. Simply select design, upload photos and personalize. 

Check out the steps by step guide on how you can make a collage:

Step 1: Go to collage makerClick “Get Started.” Four styles are available with different designs in each. You can choose from Classic, Artistic, Funky and Stitching. 
Step 2: Click Import on the left side of the editor. Import all the photos you'd like to use and make sure to choose the template with spaces that match the number of photos you would like yo place in your collage. 
Step 3: Drag and drop the photos and move them around anywhere you would like a specific picture to be placed. Add text and stickers if you want. When you are done, click “Apply.” Hit the “Save” button to download the finished collage to your computer.
*Note: You can choose to signup for much convenient photo editing or decide to upgrade to a premium plan which will allow you to enjoy the following perks:

  • Premium content with no watermark and restrictions
  • Advance features for ease of use
  • Ad-free editing experience and bigger canvas
  • Massive storage in Fotor Cloud
A perfect gift doesn't have to be pricey and extravagant. You can choose to give a simple yet meaningful gift like a card to show your appreciation and love to your father. So what are you waiting for? Try making your own personalized Father's Day photo card now.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

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