5 Great camping Gadgets Every Camper Should Have

Camping is one of the best experiences any adventure-loving person could ever have. And the fact that it offers a temporary escape from the hustles and bustles of ordinary life makes it a favorite activity for just about anybody. But amidst all the thrill and magic it offers, camping has its pitfalls too and depending on the nature and severity of some, you could end up in a life-threatening situation. A case in point is if you were to be attacked by a savage venomous snake in the dead of the night but then you realize you are out of the gas lighter.

Fighting a snake in darkness could pass as one of a camper’s worst nightmares. In order to avert such unpleasant situations, every camper must see to it that they carry with them some great portable camping gadgets that do not only ensure their safety but also add much luxury and comfort to their camping. The following are some of these.

Bluetooth Speaker – Sometimes the silence of the wilderness may get so loud that it breeds boredom and loneliness. At such times, a taste of your favorite music could help banish the loneliness and invigorate your spirits. A Bluetooth speaker is especially preferred in such situations. By virtue of its wireless connectivity, you could use the speaker to play your favorite music as you attend to some chores around the campsite. One Bluetooth speaker we would mention here is the UE MEGABOOM. Apart from offering a 360-degrees sound that features deep bass, this speaker is powerful enough to support a range of 100 feet. Even better, it has a powerful battery that can serve you for about 20-hours before you can think of recharging it.

A Portable Fire Pit – A portable fire pit is a welcome idea, especially if you are camping in a group and enjoy taking late dinners together. They will offer you the much-needed warmth and enable you to chat the night away as you gaze at the beautiful twinkling stars. When choosing the best fire pit, always look for portability features and the extent to which it retains the heat. This is why the Furinno-FPT17001 Fire Pit is only second to none when it comes to great portable camping fire pits. Its foldable legs mean you can easily tuck it inside your travel bag without any hassles. The steel fire bowl is heat-resistant and painted black so it can conserve all the heat and make you save up on your little resources.

Smoker Grill – A typical day spent in the wild means several hours of tasting the best of wild food. A smoker grill comes in handy here – helping you prepare the food for immediate consumption or for preservation purposes. There are lots of smoker grills out there and picking one among the hundreds of products may not be easy. However, if you can find one that comes with some automatic specifications such as the ability to maintain the temperature throughout the cooking duration, then go for it. That way, you won’t have to linger around when your food is getting cooked as long as you set the temperature to the correct degree. You could also look out for those smoker grills that come with multiple functions such as baking, grilling, and smoking. You may check out the 10 best pellet smoker 2018 at FireplaceLab.com

Pocket Torch – A pocket torch is paramount to the success of any camping experience but a powerful wind-resistant pocket torch makes camping in any terrain, altitude or weather conditions possible. The SOTO POCKET TORCH is one pocket torch that deserves a mention. To begin with, this pocket torch works as a lighter attachment and is compatible with any lighter out there. This flexibility means you will not tax your brains trying to choose an appropriate lighter for your next camping trip because whatever you go for, it will almost always work with the SOTO Pocket Torch. But perhaps the best part about having this pocket torch is because it is a wind-resistant burner that can achieve a temperature of over 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Added to its durability and electron ignition, this is just the right torch you need when the weather is playing havoc with you.

Water Filter – However much excited you are to be in the wilderness, do not let the apparent clarity of the streams carry you away to believe the water is actually safe for drinking. As long as it is not treated or boiled, it still carries the inherent dangers any untreated water could have. And since falling ill is the last thing you want to happen to you when your next health facility is hundreds of miles away, having a water filter handy is a great idea. The LIFESTRAW-PERSONAL Water Filter can filter up to a thousand liters of contaminated water without the use of chlorine, iodine or other chemicals. It removes over 99.99% of bacteria, making the water safe and ready for drinking.

The above-discussed are some of the most essential camping gadgets you should never forget to carry with you.

While some are fairly easy to operate, others may require some familiarity before you can know your way around them. All in all, the success of your camping will be pretty much pegged on how effectively you use them.

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