A Bright Home Lighting Plan for Every Room

When making your house a home, some of the first things you look to our furniture, accents and the colors on the walls. However, there’s one design element that is often overlooked: lighting. The lighting in your home plays a major role in not only your home’s overall ambiance but its function. Here are a few ways to flip the switch on your current lighting situation. 

Family Rooms 

The idea of layering lighting is especially important in areas of the home where people gather for long periods of time, like a family room or living room. Instead of using recessed or downlights in these areas, use lighting options that bounce off the ceiling and create ambient light. This style of lighting allows for a sense of brightness in the space and limits shadows caused by the downward direction of recessed lighting. The simple addition of a floor lamp with upward-facing globes can be a great source for ambient lighting. Additionally, if your living room has a single wall switch, you can opt for a dimmer for both energy-efficiency and versatility in your lighting style.


Like family rooms, ambient lighting in the bedroom is key. You can achieve this by implementing lighting options such as floor lamps, architectural lighting or even a duo of sconces flanking a mirror on the wall. When styling the bedroom with your lighting, be sure that your bedside reading fixtures can be operated on their own switch, either directly on the fixture or from a light switch that’s within an arm’s reach. It is best to avoid ceiling-mounted fixtures in the bedroom, as these can be perceived harshly from the view of the bed. However, these type of lighting fixtures do work well to illuminate walk-in closets and are recommended in these areas, Elle Magazine says. 


Lighting your bathroom takes careful consideration. A common lighting design mistake is a central ceiling-mounted fixture and a fixture above the mirror. Centered ceiling lighting fixtures cast downward shadows. For a quick fix, opt for a vanity lighting plan that features a trio of wall sconces, two on each side of the mirror in your bathroom and one on an opposing wall. This lighting plan will eliminate shadows. There are a wide variety of vanity lighting options available that can complement your bathroom design and decor, no matter what your style preference may be. 


Task lighting is essential in the kitchen area, but that’s not all that you need to consider when lighting your kitchen. From food prep to clean up to dining, there are a variety of different lighting options to consider. First, address the areas in your kitchen where you need to implement task lighting. Under-cabinet fixtures provide great task lighting for countertops. And for the sink area, soffit lighting can do the trick. If you have a kitchen island you can opt for a pendant, which can provide both task and ambient lighting. You’ll also be surprised at how much a difference a dimmer and energy-efficient light bulb can make in the kitchen. 
From task lighting in the kitchen to ambient lighting in the living room and every room in between, these lighting tips are sure to illuminate your entire home. 

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