Jeunesse Global Boldly Innovates with Revolutionary Health Drinks

It is almost hard to believe that a company like Jeunesse Global, which was founded less than nine years ago, could have risen from a garage-based startup to become one of the dominant players in the global health and beauty industry. But such was the skill and tenacity of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis that they were able to take a company that just eight years ago had its global headquarters next to their lawn tractor and grow it into an international corporation that gives the likes of Revlon and Mary Kay serious competitive anxiety.

Today, Jeunesse Global has tens of thousands of distributors operating in many countries throughout the planet. The firm has developed one of the most revolutionary product lineups in the history of health and beauty. This includes the company’s Youth Enhancement System, a basket of more than a dozen products that provide consumers with a one-stop, comprehensive lineup of products for all of their health, beauty, and youth-enhancing needs.

But it has been in the area of health drinks that the company has shown, perhaps, its most remarkable capacity for true innovation. Its Reserve heart-protecting health drink is a great example. Ray and Lewis had long known of the immense benefits that had been identified by dozens of medical studies regarding the effects of regular and moderate red wine consumption. The problem was that for those who were not already regular drinkers of alcohol, the risks of developing an alcohol use disorder were high enough that at the population level, all of the benefits of red wine consumption were canceled out.

Ray and Lewis wondered if there could be a way to negate the risks of alcohol consumption while keeping all of the enormous benefits of drinking red wine in moderation. They got together with some of the top product-development scientists in the industry, and the result was Reserve.

Made with resveratrol, one of the most potent antioxidants known to science and the main heart-protecting ingredient in red wine, Reserve confers nearly all of the benefits of red wine consumption, without any of the risks associated with consuming alcohol. On top of that, Reserve contains a number of what Jeunesse Global has referred to as super-fruits. Fruits such as concord grapes, acai and pomegranate offer even more antioxidant punch for each sip of Reserve. All told, the health-protective effects of this remarkable drink are enough to lower risk factors by an amount that roughly corresponds to a five-year increase in life expectancy.

Another one of the company’s innovative health drinks is its Nevo all-natural energy drink. Unlike many of the highly synthetic competitors currently available, Nevo is made from 100 percent fruit juice and retains an all-natural taste that many users have likened to freshly squeezed sparkling fruit juice.

Nevo also delivers a clean and long-lasting energy boost that doesn’t have the same kind of jittery crash as some of its more sugar- and stimulant-laden counterparts. All told, this is one of the best-tasting and most effective energy drinks on the market today.

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