Discovering Vladivostok - Why You Should Start Your Trans-Siberian Journey There

Vladivostok literally translates as “ruler of the east”, so what better place to start your Trans-Siberian adventure than in this spectacular city? Set around the impressive Golden Horn Bay, known in Russia as Zolotoy Rog, this city is a major Russian port in the far east of Russia. The city is close to Russia’s borders with North Korea and China and is home to over half a million inhabitants.

History of
Until the passing of the Treaty of Beijing in 1860, this area actually belonged to China. The Russians then moved in and attempted, but failed, to expel the Chinese from the territory during the Manza War of 1868. Nevertheless, developments began in the area that resulted in it gaining town status by 1880. With the arrival of the Trans-Siberian Railway, by 1916 the city’s economy had begun its rise into the powerhouse that it is today.

Vladivostok was also a site of conflict during World War I, acting as the staging point for the Allies’ Siberian intervention. By the time the war ended, the city became an official Soviet-backed buffer state between the Soviets and Japan. It became a key Soviet naval base, which hosted a number of arms talks and summits, and has continued in this role, hosting the 24th APEC summit in 2012.

5 Top Sights in Vladivostok

These days, Vladivostok has a booming tourist industry and it’s easy to see why. With its warm humid summers and cold, dry winters it is a very seasonal location that showcases the best that Russia has to offer. If you’re looking into a selection of Trans-Siberian railway tours, here are 5 great reasons to start your trip in Vladivostok:

1.      World’s Longest Cable-Stayed Bridge - One of the most impressive sights in Vladivostok is the Russky Island Bridge. This amazing feat of engineering connects the mainland to this nearby island. The island itself is home to a huge university campus and a new Oceanarium. It is also home to a number of beautiful hidden beaches.

2.      Hermitage Vladivostok Visit this beautifully renovated building for a taste of tsarist-era Russia. It is set to host exhibits from the Hermitage’s collection in St. Petersburg.

3.      Visit Fort No. 7 - If history is your thing, then you can really get a feel for the Vladivostok of days past at this defensive fort, which comes complete with 1.5 kilometers of tunnels and a former execution chamber.

4.      Zarya Centre for Contemporary Art – For something a little more modern, head on over to this gallery, located in a former factory, for a glimpse of its world-class exhibits.

5.      Antique Automobile Museum – Car-lovers will be blown away by the range of amazing Soviet cars and motorbikes on display in this fascinating museum.

Trans-Siberian Importance

Vladivostok serves as the main starting point for the Trans-Siberian part of the Eurasian Land Bridge, also known as the New Silk Road. It acts as a gateway between Russia and the Far East, connecting all the way back to Europe. It is equally connected to the Russian capital of Moscow, via the longest train route in the world, making it the perfect place to begin your Trans-Siberian explorations.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your adventure today!

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