How to Plan a Vacation with Teenagers

It’s that time again, parents! Summer will be here before you know it and the kids will be pestering you no end about where you will be taking the much-anticipated family vacation this year. As if it wasn’t bad enough when they were little, and anything from a petting zoo to the playroom at McDonald’s thrilled them, now they are teenagers and apparently nothing is fun anymore. This year, why not give them the vacation of a lifetime because there are new and exciting things to do that will keep your kids bragging throughout the next year – at least until Christmas, perhaps!

A Day at NFL Training Camps

For those of you who have aspiring football players looking to gain entrance into a university with a high-ranking team, why not take a trip to the Southwestern states? Who doesn’t love the Dallas Cowboys? Start your trip in late July in Southern California and stay in Oxnard. Here, you can get in, first come, first served to see the Cowboys at work getting ready for the upcoming season.

See rookies and stars alike out there on the field. Give your teens a good look at what it’s really like to become a pro player. Just to the west of LA by about 60 miles, there is so much to do that your head will swim trying to get it all in. Speaking of swimming, why not let them try a bit of Pacific surfing while you’re at it.

It’s on To Dallas

The next stop on your trip to the Southwest is the city of Dallas and the Cowboys’ home field. The kids can see their team at home and can also get a good look at the AT&T Stadium, notably the world’s largest domed stadium. Tours are available as well. However, the Cowboys won’t be the only thrill the kids can experience in Dallas because there is a new trend sweeping the country and that would be what is being called an Escape Room.

This is where you assemble with other players inside a room that is themed. Here, everyone on the team has to solve the mystery. The Dallas Escape Room is one of the most popular in the country and from the moment the clock starts ticking, your teens will need to think as one without the benefit of Google. They need to use their wits to solve the mystery, whatever that may be, and the best part is that mom and dad can join in the adventure as well. Who do you think will have more fun, parents or teens? Could be a close draw!

Goodbye Theme Parks – Hello Adventure

If you want to keep your teens busy the entire vacation, so that they aren’t perpetually bored, as teens tend to be, keep the vacation adventurous. Don’t think you’ll be kept busy all the time because while teens are surfing the tides, you could get a bit of R&R in on the beach. The point is, plan your vacation around things your teens love with a bit of exciting twist, and everyone will have the time of their lives. If you aren’t careful, your teens will already be planning next year’s Escape as well – but how bad can that be?

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  1. These are indeed some great tips. I will make sure to share this with my cousin, she has a teenager, and sometimes things can be tough :)