Why You Should Add LED Lights To An ATV

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to add to your ATV, think in terms of light. Poor lighting leaves you at risk for so many different types of incidents – which can be avoided. These days, nearly all ATV’s come with standard low and high beam lighting. But, additional lighting can help you to see what is ahead and what to avoid.

In fact, many riders are adding LED light bars for their vehicles.

While the major benefit is that the right lights can help you to see and to avoid accidents, here are a few tips to ensure you purchase the correct LED lights for your ATV.

1.    Make sure there’s a warranty

Many people find extremely affordable lights on social media and other online sites. But, what happens when those LED lights die or malfunction? Chances are, they’re not going to send you another one.

While reputable dealers may have more costly lights, they usually carry a lifetime warranty. So, if some of the lights go out inside, they’ll send you a replacement light to install – even if it’s a few years down the line – without you needing to purchase a brand-new one.

2.    Buy a fully sealed LED light bar

It’s not uncommon for riders to buy the cheapest LED light bars and then experience issues like water getting into them in a rainstorm, or while riding out in the mud. But, installing a fully sealed and durable light bar means you can keep the LED light shining no matter the weather.

3.    Make sure you get the right relay and wiring

When it comes to buying an LED light bar for your UTV or ATV, make sure you also buy the right switch and wiring harness. Bigger lights often mean more output for your light. So, a bigger light means you need more amps to run.

Knowing the size of your light will also help you know if you do need a relay or not. Usually, a smaller light is okay to work directly off the switch that is mounted to operate an LED light bar. But, a larger light requires a relay to assist with amperage that the light bar puts out.

An LED light bar that has too many amps and doesn’t have a relay may well end up melting a couple of wires and even frying more than what you’d like it to.

Overall, LED lights are a blessing in disguise. They allow other riders to see you much easier, and they help you to see much further out, essentially preventing accidents. Provided you fit the correct lights to your vehicle and ensure you use good-quality lights, they can offer a great deal of safety benefits to your ATV and your riding experience.

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