The Best Unique Wedding Traditions to Use On Your Daughters Big Day

Being a mother means being there for every up and down in your child’s life. It means putting your all into a relationship, from nurturing to befriending. You are there from the very first moment, and you want to be there through every moment afterwards. You have watched her grow from a baby into a full-grown woman before you could even blink, and now she has found the love of her life and is ready to get married.

Time goes by so quickly, which is why making the most out of every moment is important, for you and for her. You don’t have time to do things twice, you don’t have time to play it safe. When it comes to big milestones like her wedding, you want the experience to be as incredible and unique as she is, and as her mother, it is your job to help her realize her dreams.

Far too many weddings are based wholly on tradition, despite those traditions being steeped in cultural significance that no longer applies. Yes, many young brides want nothing more than the traditional white wedding they’ve seen again and again, but a wedding should be a unique experience, meaning you should never shy away from exciting or different traditions just because it wasn’t featured in the latest wedding magazine. You can do whatever you want and make your own traditions, which is why as her mother you should do all you can to help her have her dream wedding.

To help both of you get started with planning, consider these unique wedding traditions to use on her big day:

Butterfly Release Wedding Ceremony

The butterfly is an eternal symbol of freedom and magic. Their entire existence is baffling, from their conception to their metamorphosis, and their beauty is undeniable. This is why one way to truly make the ceremony something incredible is to have a butterfly release wedding. She can have either a mass butterfly release that she and her partner will perform, or everyone could be invited to join in with their own personal butterfly to release during the outdoor ceremony. Not only are they beautiful and their symbolism inherently romantic, but they are also great for the local environment.

Take the Painted Lady Butterfly, for instance. Not only is it stunning, it is native to the United States and around the world, meaning that you won’t have to worry about introducing a foreign species into your hometown. Your daughter can instead enjoy their beauty, gracefulness, and sociability – the painted lady is, after all, one of the species most likely to stick around after release, allowing for more unique photo opportunities.


Another way to make the evening special during an outdoor wedding is to have a fireworks display. This display is the perfect way to end the evening, and can be used in combination with all the other traditions in this list. What’s more, you can either do it yourself or hire a company. If you are going to do it yourself, you will need to be sure that you have permission – something you must be granted if you are having an outdoor wedding in a private or public venue, rather than your private property. Choose your fireworks carefully, so that you can create a romantic display that works together beautifully.

Tip: Keep it a secret to surprise her on the big day!

Everyone’s Memories

Another great tradition to implement into her wedding is relatively new, and only possible due to how great mobile cameras can be. The goal of this tradition is to have as many photos as possible of your big night, as told from the perspectives of every single one of the guests. This can be done through a wedding company, who will supply your guests with rented mobiles where photos are saved onto folder, or you can set it up yourself. This can be done easily, even on apps like Facebook. All you need to do is create a new album for your wedding and add all of your guests as contributors, and ask that they upload all their photos of your daughter’s wedding. 

If your daughter prefers analog, of course, provide her guests with a healthy amount of disposable film cameras. You could even provide a few trustworthy guests with Polaroid cameras to take some romantic shots of the evening; these photos can then be neatly pinned to a board, which can hang in the married couple’s home. These will make a beautiful wedding present when they are printed and put into a wedding album.

Tip: If the budget permits, add a custom photo booth for your daughter and her guests to have fun taking pictures in. Add a beautiful backdrop and funny props so that everyone can have fun.

A Time Capsule

So much can change over the years, which is why a time capsule is such a great tradition to implement into your daughter’s wedding. Essentially, have all of her guests write a letter to the bride and groom that they will read in the future. This could be on their one-year anniversary, or her ten-year anniversary – the specific time will be up to her. Other ideas on what guests can put into the time capsule are photos, trinkets, and even gifts for the future. It’s a fun way that your daughter can revisit her big day, and a great gift to give from all of her friends and family.

Make Your Own Traditions
Weddings are inherently traditional, but not because they have to be. Your daughter’s wedding should be as unique and as special as she is, which is why you should work with her to ensure that she doesn’t just have a great wedding, she has her wedding. This means finding and coming up with unique traditions that will make her big day special in ways she never could have imagined, at a budget that works for you and your family. What matters most is that she is happy, and that she can celebrate spending the rest of her life with the love of her life with all of her friends and family. 

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