Tengram Capital Partners Acquires Lime Crime

The world of business is always changing. Companies know they must be able to respond well to the changing needs of the market. Savvy company directors and owners are well aware of the need to think of new ways to get financing to help them expand. Capital managers are also aware of the need to look for new business opportunities. Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that Tengram Capital Partners, a private equity firm, has decided to enter the makeup market. As one of the nation's most respected capital management firms, they have made a bold move. Officials at Tengram Capital are pleased to announce they have purchased Lime Crime, one of the world's most innovative retailers. This company joins Tengram's impressive collection of branded consumer companies.

A New Chief Executive Officer

This new deal includes a few staffing changes that business managers are confident can provide the necessary skills to bring the company to yet new realms of productivity and market penetration. As part of the new acquisition, Stacy Panagakis will be taking over as Chief Executive Officer. Panagakis has many years of experience in the beauty industry. Under her leadership and companies like Sephora, Clinique, and Stila Cosmetics, she was able to reach out to new clients while still maintaining the brand's personal touch and vision. She's delighted to be on board here to help create new products and bring new ideas to the company's highly loyal fan base. Panagakis has long admired Lime Crime. She believes the products they offer are all about fresh fun. She hopes to continue the company's history of pushing forward the boundaries of beauty and its ability to set makeup trends.

Founded Over a Decade Ago

Lime Crime took the fashion world by storm over a decade ago. Founders Doe Deere and Mark Dumbelton knew they could bring something unique to the fashion world. With visions of bold colors that had rarely been seen before, they pushed into the makeup selling market and found great success. Consumers were instantly struck by the vision they had to show off. Unlike more staid brands, the makeup here was about bold color and the chance to paint one's personal makeup canvas. They were able to capture the growing online makeup retail market quickly using new techniques such as tutorials demonstrating how to get the look at home. The company made it easy to see new products and buy them a short time later. At every turn, they brought forth a gush of wonderful creativity. Here, they helped set trends like ultra-matte liquid lip that buyers have been in a rush to follow ever since. In the last decades, the company has gone from a tiny operation to a truly international brand with followers all over the globe.

A New Growth Strategy

The new infusion of capital and additional leadership provides the company with a new growth strategy. Officials here hope to create even more ways for their fans to connect with the company. They also hope to reach out to new fans and demonstrate what is possible with the makeup they offer. Company head Doe Deere will now move from daily operations to a position on the company's Board of Directors. In this position, she hopes to continue to provide inspiration for and look for new ways to think about makeup as both something to use every day and a form of wonderful creative expression. She and her team see nothing but wonderful opportunities in the marketplace today. They are confident that the future of the company holds a great deal of delightful promise.

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