10 Homecoming Makeup Looks

Are you planning on going to homecoming this year? Of course, you are! But, what are your doing about your makeup?

Once you’ve got the dress and shoes picked out, and possibly a date, you need makeup to match the fierce and flawless homecoming dresses of 2018. It’s a pretty big decision. Will you go for a bold lip or Smokey eyes? What about coral blush or a cat eye? So many decisions!

To help you get the best makeup possible for your homecoming dance, we’ve put together a couple of amazing suggestions to help inspire you.

Smokey Eyes and Big Lashes
We just love this look. You can opt for a smokey eye complete with opening lashes and pair with a beautiful peach sheen over your cheeks.

A Pop of Corner Colour
A pop of color on the very inner corner of the eyes instead of traditional white really glams up your night-time look. Add a darker, bolder lip to this look to really make a statement.

Bright and Bold
Homecoming is the perfect excuse to incorporate color into your look. You can change things up from your everyday neutral makeup to bright colors. Or, for an old Hollywood glam look, keep your eyes simple with just a flick of eyeliner and then add a deep burgundy lip shade.

Cat Eye
Just a simple swipe of bright eyeliner can make for a totally fierce cat eye, particularly if you’re coordinating your makeup with your beautiful homecoming dress.

For a dramatic and bold cat eye look that just bursts with confidence, apply black eyeshadow to your eyelid just below the crease and extend the line.

Metallic Eyes
Smokey, metallic eyes are perfect for your big night out. You can pair the effect with a nude lip.

Bold Lips
A bright lip color will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Be sure to keep the rest of your makeup minimal, though so that your pout truly shines.

Orange Beauty
Orange shadows are very in this year, but you need a whole new take for homecoming. Pick something along the lines of a terracotta shade for your crease, and then cover the rest of the lid with a hot pink hue. You can add more pink just below the lashes, too and then finish off with an orange-based blush.

Polka-Dot Eyeliner
Dust a soft, matte white eyeshadow across your eyelids to really make your eyeliner pop. Then, take a felt-tip liner and draw a very fine line along the lash line, taking it out into a wing just at the corner. You can then use the eyeliner to make tiny dots in three rows. Follow the wing as a guide.

Gold Ombre
For an ombre lip that stands out, begin with an orangey-rid lip cream. Paint a liquid gold lip color on top and then bled out the gold for an ombre effect. Keep your eyes simple with this look in shimmery pinks or nudes.

Gloss All Over
Finally, go for a laid-back glam and dewy look. Pop clear gloss on the eyelids and smudge it over your lips. Easy!

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