My beautymnl haul + short product reviews

Have you done shopping online before?  How many times do you shop online? Yes, I have read the pros and cons of buying online, but still, I love the convenience of shopping online. I find myself shopping whenever I need something that I can't find in physical store or whenever there's a big sale event in online shops like beautymnl. Actually, it's already my 7th times to purchase from the beautymnl shop since 2017, and they never fail to meet my expectations. So, why do I choose to shop at beautymnl over other beauty shops online? My reasons are as follows:
  • Items are well-packed in a bubble wrap, and the plastic with the beautymnl logo is cute too.
  • They offer a wide range of Beauty, Health, and Wellness as well as Makeover Deals.
  • You can refer to the ratings and comments in each item before buying.
  • Beauty Magazine is available where you can read beauty tips, product reviews, and other beauty related articles.
  • Sale event is happening all-year round.
  • There are over 800+ brands, 22,000+ products
  • Freebies are available while stock lasts.
  • Cash on delivery payment option
  • Detailed tracking of shipment
Now let's get into my recent haul. Here are the products I ordered and brief information about each product.

-8ml tube all-natural liquid pigment for the cheeks and lips. Formulated with Vitamin B3 and collagen that gives moisture and improve the elasticity of the skin. Though the tube is pretty small, it can go a long way. A small amount can be applied to the cheeks and could last all day. As per my own experience, the tint is not heavy, non-drying. Its creamy texture makes it easy to blend and glides through the skin as it also settles easily. 
Available in four shades namely, Headturner (natural rosy), Sugar Rush (Classy Drunk Blush), Flusttered (Sunkissed Peach) and Night Out (Deep Wine Red)

-This tiny seeds packed with nutrients with minimum calories helps clean colon, stabilize blood sugar levels, has anti-inflammatory properties, a source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is also an excellent antioxidant. An all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free chia seeds. It can last up to 2 years from the date of packaging. Since I have read many good reviews about this product, I am very eager to try it myself and see all the benefits to my body. Once I received the product I immediately tried putting two teaspoons on my aloe vera juice and let it sit overnight. A great addition to an everyday diet. I don't feel bloated anymore.

-I am a night owl. Which means I always stay up late because I have a hard time to sleep at night. I previously took food supplement that helps me sleep at night but I ran out of it, and I can't order right now since it came from the US. I decided to look for an alternative from beautymnl, and I found Lavender Oolong Tea. I learned that this tea could help relieve stress and anxiety, boost metabolism and eases headaches too. Lavander is known for it's soothing and relaxing effect on our body. It induces a calming effect on the central nervous system and puts you in a carefree state of mind. 

-I decided to contribute to the environment since plastic is the main problem nowadays. Plastic is nonbiodegradable waste that cannot break down or decompose for many years. The reusable stainless steel straw is super handy. You can bring it anywhere you go because it comes with cleaning brush and velvet pouch.  Perfect for drinking tea, coffee, smoothies, shakes or cocktails. You can also find other types of on-the-go stainless steel from different brand available at beautymnl store. 

from ACNECARE original price: ₱175.00 discounted price: ₱149.00
-I have an oily face which makes it prone to acne. Though I only experience mild breakouts, I can't stand my face having pimples, especially on my monthly period. I have been looking for a soap that could dry up my pimples fast. Upon searching, I've seen this medicated soap that promised to prevent acne and reduces the formation of new pimples. I placed it in my cart together with the items I mentioned above. I am happy that it came with free Loofah body scrub. The soap could last 24 months from the manufactured date. 

My overall experience with beautymnl is superb. I have fallen in love with Beautymnl since the day I made my first purchase. At BeautyMNL, you will surely find something you love. This year, one of my primary goals is to have a healthy living. I'm thrilled to find Health & Wellness products from over 100 wellness brands at Beautymnl. I can order anytime I want. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

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