5 Asian-Inspired Home Décor Tips

Being inspired by Asian culture is easier than most people think – this process is quite natural and happens in a matter of days, especially after spending some time on this beautiful continent. And the best way to show how inspired you are is by decorating your home in accordance with the Asian tradition. This home-decorating philosophy is soothing, practical and visually attractive, so it’s no surprise that more and more people incorporate Asian motifs, decorations, furniture, textures, materials and color combinations into their home. If you wish to try this as well, but don’t know how here are five home décor tips that might help you make your home more Asian than ever.

Asian colors
What lots of people don’t understand is that home decoration is much more than just an unusual sofa and a couple of figurines scattered around the living room. It all starts with proper wall colors, and when it comes to Asian style, things are surprisingly simple. Instead of experimenting with various tones and hues, you should focus on vibrant colors as these actually inspire the most neutral setting. Purple, red, pink and orange might work better than you’ve imagined, but you can also try out some specific Asian-inspired techniques such as grass cloth and stylized clouds. These can be hard to replicate, so take your time, invest some energy and you’ll certainly be happy with the results.

Asian décor
Now, if you really want to make your home feel Asian, you have to include a couple of authentic Asian decoration pieces too. Again, keep it simple and stick to just a handful of colors instead of exploring all the options you can think of. When it comes to finding these pieces, searching through your local flea market is always a good idea, but relying on online sources might make more sense and prove to be much easier. Keep in mind that only people with adequate experience can connect you to authentic Chinese homewares that are truly going to add a new dose of elegance to your home, so look for these if you want to make your home truly Asian.

Asian figurines
If you still want to decorate your home with sculptures and figurines, you should try to take this idea to the next level and explore some proper Asian symbols that can add mystery and intrigue to your home. From Buddha and Shiva to dragons and Chinese guardian lions, all of these images are going to show your guests how much the Orient influences you and your way of life. Asian lifestyle is all about simplicity, though, so stay away from extravagant pieces that might seem tacky and out of place.

Asian water feature
Asian people are all about equilibrium and balance, and what better way to express that than by adding an attractive water feature to your home? After all, listening to the sound of flowing water while meditating or reading your favorite book is the best feeling in the world, not to mention how Zen such a setup really is. Some of the things you might want to explore include water fountains, reflecting pools and water walls, depending on the size of your rooms and the part of your home you wish to accentuate with these water features.

Asian furniture
Furniture is another vital part of your interior décor, and the Asian people understand that it has to be practical, visually appealing, cozy and functional. One more thing they insist on is diversity which is why their furniture is usually multifunctional so you can use your futon for sitting and sleeping – the latter could easily turn out to be the best experience you’ve had in a while – and your nightstand as a hidden storage space. So, when furnishing your home in an Asian style, think outside the box and search for pieces that serve multiple purposes.

Of course, there’s one more thing you can do if you want your home to be even more Asian – try actually visiting this amazing continent and bringing back lots of souvenirs you can turn into small decorative pieces. This trip will also inspire you and show you how people in Asia really live, so think about it and purchase the ticket as soon as possible!

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