Talkspace’s Next Move towards Psychiatric Evaluation

The most recent enrollment of Neil Leibowitz as the first chief medical officer of Talkspace marks a crucial move towards expanding its textual-based therapy service, to create a provision for psychiatric treatment. Talkspace has revolutionized the manner in which therapy is being administered, by providing online therapy, rather than the conventional therapy that required direct contact between a client and the therapist. Based on the statement mentioned above, patients can either use their mobile phones to text a therapist or on some occasion communicate their related issues by composing video message or even share pictures.

In relation to the nature of service being offered by Talkspace Health Company, clients have come to appreciate the level of confidentiality portrayed by the service. For instance, some clients prefer the anonymity related to Talkspace therapy claiming that the ability to not necessarily provide your real names makes one have extreme confidence in sharing their situation, without fear of being judged by the person in the other end. In addition, clients have come to love the convenience of going through sessions at one's free time. For example, Talkspace has provided a communication platform where one can send a text message at their convenience and get feedback that they can go through whenever they find ample time.

Another benefit of seeking online therapy service from Talkspace is the ability for one to switch therapist easily. Talkspace believes in providing services that will bring about positive results to our clients. As a result, Talkspace has structured its services in a manner that ensures the client with an opportunity to select another therapist, should it happen that they are not satisfied with their current client. Besides, since the nature of service being provided is solemnly dependent on the availability and convenience of the client, one is not limited to the extent at which they can reach out to a therapist and get assured of feedback. Most importantly, one can decide to temporarily suspend their account, and resume at whenever they are ready.

In line with Talkspace development agenda, the appointment of Neil Leibowitz comes at a time where Talkspace is on the verge of invading the field of psychiatric remedy. As a result, Leibowitz has come to appreciate the program and is fully committed to promoting Talkspace transformational agenda. In his statement, Leibowitz admitted that as much as some people are accustomed to the traditional therapy approach, many have also come to appreciate the mobile and web-based approach. Therefore, Leibowitz believes that it is possible to expand Talkspace to also cover psychiatric in a period not exceeding one from his employment date. The newly confirmed chief medical officer also believes that embracing Talkspace program marks a tool towards promoting the role of technology in providing medical service.

In spite of not having much popularity with employee assistance program, Leibowitz believes that Talkspace can make more efforts towards partnering with other primary health service providers, to render more reliable psychiatric remedy. In fact, he believes that when the medical history of psychiatric patients is availed online, it can provide adequate information that will enable many health officers to provide the most appropriate treatment. In fact, companies like Magellan have started remitting contributions to Talkspace, for services provided to its employee.

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