7 Easy Steps to Care For Your Synthetic Wigs

Wigs are either made from natural human hair or synthetic fiber hair. Recently, many types of wigs are made of heat-resistant synthetic hair, which is viewed just like a human hair.

In addition, synthetic wigs are of little maintenance and easy to use. On the other hand, it is still advisable that you must take care of your synthetic wig to prolong its use and lifespan. Here are some tips on how to care for your synthetic wigs.

Steps in Caring for Synthetic Wig

The following are some easy steps on how to extend the lifespan of synthetic wigs and to prevent them from being worn out:

1.  Untangling the Synthetic Wig

It is advisable that you wash your synthetic wig frequently probably every 6 to 8 wearing. However, before you wash it, you must untangle your wig gently using a wide tooth comb. Hold your wig gently and lightly brush it and remove the tangles in your wig. Be sure not to pull or drag the fiber hair.

2.  Washing the Synthetic Wig

Prepare a cold water in a bowl to wash your wig. Put a tablespoon of wig shampoo into the bowl and soak the wig for one minute or few minutes. Never rub or wring the wig. 

3.  Rinsing the Synthetic Wig

After putting a shampoo in your wig, rinse it with cold water and blot it with a towel. Never squeeze your wig with the towel.

4.  Conditioning the Synthetic Wig

It is better if you condition your wig after washing. Apply a small amount of conditioner to your wet wig from roots to ends of the fiber hair. Let the wig immerse with conditioner for about 4 to 5 minutes. Once done, rinse the wig by soaking it in cold water. Pat dry your wig with a clean towel. Again, do not squeeze or rub your wig.

5.  Styling the Synthetic Wig

Place the wig on a wig stand or a big jar with largemouth. Then, gently style the wig using your fingers or a wig comb on your desired style.  Do not use a hair dryer for it could damage the fiber hair. In case, you just want to regain the original style, just gently shake it.

6.  Putting on the Synthetic Wig

Hold the wig from the base cap and upturn it over the top of your head. Then, slip it on from the hairline towards the back. Keep in mind that the front of the wig must sit on your hairline. Secure your wig by adjusting the tabs inside the wig.

7.  Do’s and Don’ts for Synthetic Wigs

You should not brush your wig when it is wet. And never use heated styling tools, gels, hairspray and human hair shampoo for these will damage your wig. Instead, use wig shampoo and wig tools to style your wig. Also, keep in mind to handle your wig gently.


Synthetic wigs are of trendy nowadays. They would surely enhance your appearance and achieve that new look you desire. To keep them looking great, do not forget to handle them with care.

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