Fashion Tips for the Family Trips

Are you going on a well-deserved break with the family for a few days after working hard at the office? You might be worried about what clothes to bring; what’s weather appropriate? How to look good but not trying too hard in family photos? How can I pack efficiently but bring out the best in my wardrobe? Here are a few things to keep in mind when packing for family trips for the best and stress-free experience.

Independent shops
Charity shops, thrift and vintage stores may be one of the best places to buy unique, one-of-a-kind clothing. Not only will you have a statement piece for a bargain price that you can’t get from any mainstream shopping mall, but you’ll also be helping local businesses stay open and maybe even help a charity.

Independent shops also tend to have limited stock and are most likely online only. Buying online can save you travel time (though you do have to pay for postage), but everything you need to know should be on the website, and you can make an informed decision and read reviews.

Want to be fashionable but not look like you’re trying too hard? Try the style dubbed “normcore”. Take inspiration from Donald Glover by rocking pocket t-shirts and understated but fashionable clothing.  After all, the best look is one that looks it took less effort and still looks cool!

Smart-casual and chic
You can never go wrong with semi-casual fashion. A pair of slacks and shirts can the trick. Even during a family trip or to a hot country, you can roll up the ends with simple shoes. Neat and well-dressed, it doesn’t take much effort either.

You may even be able to pull off short sleeved collared shirts in the hot weather, pair with shorts and simple, comfortable shoes and you’re good to go.

The last thing you want during your day off is to be uncomfortable. Whether you are taking the family to go hiking or simply to go shopping, the best thing you can do is wear something you are comfortable with.

Make sure to bring comfortable shoes that can handle a lot of walking if you are traveling abroad. For hot weather, short sleeved shirts may be best. Light and comfortable is the best way to go in hot weather.

Only pack essentials
You wouldn’t want to be dragging around a massive suitcase filled with clothes you might not even end up wearing in your travels. Make sure you are packing only the minimum, and maybe throw in some extra shirts or trousers so you can mix and match.

Shoes might take up a lot of space, so only bring must-have pairs and ensure each pair is comfortable and can withstand long walks. Likewise, if you are going on a hike, make sure you bring weather-appropriate clothing and shoes.

Ultimately, dress comfortably when traveling. Check the weather of your destination to bring weather-appropriate clothing and only pack the minimum, the essentials. Overpacking and not bringing clothes to suit the weather or clothes you are uncomfortable in can only make your well-deserved break stressful.

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