London Facials: What Works For You?

London is a fantastic city, full of some of the best restaurants, theatres, and art in the world. It’s also got a proliferation of beauty salons, spas, and aesthetic therapists, and not just confined to the center of town. If you’re looking for a facial Putney, Tooting or Walthamstow has a myriad of options for you.

It all adds up to some difficult decisions. Do you go to a local salon or make the trip into town for something a bit more special? Today we’re taking a look at some of the facial options London offers to inspire you to make the right choice.

The Detox
One of the most widespread problems for both men and women is excessively oily facial skin. The skin naturally produces some oils – it helps protect it from damage from the elements and from toxins. Unfortunately, lots of cosmetics count as toxins as far as the skin is concerned so your makeup could be causing excess oil production. That’s not the only thing that can irritate the skin: the high pollution in modern cities, extreme weather, and even stress can drive your skin to pump out additional oil.

If this is the problem you’re encountering you need a detoxifying facial. It removes the chemicals that stimulate excess oil build up, as well as the oil, build up itself, leaving you with refreshed, healthier skin. The process of treating yourself to a facial could also help to relieve stress, tackling yet another vector for oil build up!

The Gold Facial
If you’re really in need of some pampering, there is no treatment more luxurious than the gold facial. A favorite of the Hollywood elite, now available in some of the best of London’s salons, this treatment uses the famously untarnishable qualities of lift this facial into the realms of the gods – or at least the Pharaohs, as Cleopatra was reputed to sleep in a golden mask to maintain her looks.

The Gold facial is a good choice for someone looking for luxury, while also rejuvenating the skin, removing impurities and leaving it looking younger and healthier.

Fruit Facial
At the opposite end of the scale, the fruit facial is an organic solution, using only the chemicals contained in fruits to purify the skin, calm and soothe irritations, and leave your skin hydrated and looking fuller.

The best thing about a fruit facial is that you can use different fruits to adapt it to your needs so there’s always a perfect one for your needs, without the use of chemicals. This might be one to avoid if you have especially sensitive skin as the acids in fruits can cause a reaction, but for an all natural facial you really can’t do better!

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  1. I love a good facial, makes such a difference. It's also nice to see the different treatments broken down to explain what benefits it has so you can pick the one that works best for your skin concerns.

    - Jackie (Organised Mum Life)