Green Rolex Daytona Watch

There is nothing as constant as change when it comes to fashion and everyday people strive to be at their best. For a long time now watches have been an awesome way of adding a flair to any outfit while at the same time keeping time when you’re on the move. While out to shop for watches, there’s no doubt that everyone wants to have a beautiful, unique and a classic watch that would paint a ray of sunshine to their general outlook.

Rolex has been a pioneer for intricate and dazzling innovation in watchmaking and for a long time, it has celebrated a good history in being an iconic luxury watch brand.  If you are looking for a difference in watches then, search no further because the Rolex Company has another big thing for you. The Green Rolex Daytona model nr 116508 is a combination of an outstanding design, style, and class. It is an irresistible timepiece that you would easily fall in love with.

1.       The design
The first noticeable characteristic of the Rolex Daytona model nr 116508c is its robust design. The craftsmanship in the manufacture of this watch for a fact beats the test of time in terms of design. It is very trendy and it would remain fashionable for several years into the future. It is of an ideal size and its sophisticated and starburst finishes give it a Nordic expression.

2.       An amazing color
 The Green Rolex Daytona model nr 116508 is a perfect mix of stunning colors that every watch enthusiast would not be able to resist. This is very well an important variable that raises this timepiece to a higher competitive edge in timepieces. This watch is a cool blend of 18 carat yellow gold with a graceful and a sweetly sparkling green dial tone. For a long period of time, the yellow gold has been the king of all the precious metals and the green dial punches it up. These two colors complement each other to amplify this watches’ personality making it a good compliment to any wardrobe. 

3.       The oyster case
Another unique and attractive feature of the green Rolex Daytona is its innovative casing that boosts on its excellence in both style and functionality. In this case, you never have to worry about water. This cases promises to be robust and helps in keeping your watch protected and new for a very long time.  
4.       Functionality
After having an outstanding design, amazing colors and a magnificent case, you would still not be happy if your watch does not exhibit an outstanding functionality. The Rolex Company is very dynamics and every day they strive to provide the best technology with regards to watches. The functionality of the green dial Rolex Daytona is one that would meet your every expectation.

This watch has a lot to offer and if looking for a combination of class, style, fashion, and glamour then this piece would be perfect for you.   

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