4 Small Home Improvements That'll Make A Big Impact

The one thing that is extremely hard to resist when you own your own home is going in with both barrels to redo the whole thing and make it look as beautiful as possible. New paint work, new lighting, new furniture, the whole lot can be torn down and redone. The thing is, it’s not an option for most people. Budgets are often limited, and a full home makeover takes a lot more time and cash than you could expect. The good news is that you can still do beautiful things with your home even if you can’t afford to gut the place and start from scratch.

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The thing to do when you can’t rip it down and start again is to go right ahead and book yourself some small changes. Maybe one month, you change the colour of the walls. Maybe the next, you scour https://www.montgomerys.com for the best flooring for your home. Perhaps you want to go even smaller, and replace the light socket covers or change the fixtures and lampshades. The good thing about these smaller changes is that they have a large impact and aren’t a huge strain on the budget. So, what four things can you do in your home that will make a large impact on the way that you perceive your home?

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Front Door. Have a look at the outside of your house. What does your door look like? Does it have a letterbox or a knocker? How about a doorbell? What colour is it? Appraise the door and look at it through the eyes of someone who is visiting your home. You want people to have the opinion that your home is amazing, and they get their first impression from your front door. If it’s got a peeling paint job and a rusted knocker, then you’re going to need to do a little zshushing to make it look great again.

Bookcases. If you are the sort of person that has bookcases or ornament cases in the home, then think about coordinating them with the room they are in and wallpapering the inside back of the unit. Lining with wallpaper can transform the look of your storage and can give your space an entirely new look.

Window Treatments. The windows are the eyes of the home and we all know that. Adding window treatments from colour coordinated curtains to roller blinds to even window valance along the top can make an entire room look very different. Adding simple curtains can be inexpensive but have an expensive looking finish in the room. You can do the same with shower curtains and change the look of your bathroom with one!

Details. A lot of the biggest changes are in the details. Adding stencils in the bathroom or metallic accents in the living room will make a big impact in the home.

You can make changes without draining your bank balance, it’s all about what works for you in your home.

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