Who plays the lottery and why keep playing?

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Though the odds of winning the lottery is relatively small and the chances are 1 in a million, people are still playing. Winning the jackpot prize is the most significant motivation of a person to buy more lottery tickets. The lottery is a method of raising money organized by the state or a charity in which people buy numbered tickets then random draw chooses the winner/s.

Lottery originated from Chinese Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 BC which believed helped finance government project the Great Wall of China. While first European lotteries were held during Roman Empire and Emperor Augustus Caesar organized it. It was the 15th century when The Low Countries (a coastal region in western Europe) offers tickets for sale with prizes in the form of money. 

Lotteries come many different varieties. Because we are now living in the digital age, almost anything is possible through the means of the internet. With that, even playing different kinds of lottery games and online lottery results are now made available. You'll just need to pick your numbers and bet. You can find a comprehensive record of latest and past lottery results.

It's a significant fact that there's only a slim chance yet some have been playing lottery games for many years with few wins and many losses and still not giving up. As we all know the economy of many countries is in crisis yet people always find their way to buy a lottery ticket in a high hope of winning the jackpot prize to fix their problems in life mainly about money.  Others see buying lottery tickets as an investment to the more significant sum of money that awaits if they win. Did you know that despite the chances of winning, the average people playing the lottery each week from the UK is over 32 million? In Canada, 8 billion dollars per year and approximately 50 billion dollars from U.S were spent on lottery tickets each year.

According to George Loewenstein, a professor of economics and psychology at Carnegie Mellon, "Most of the weird stuff that you see with decision-making and risk happens with small probabilities." Playing lottery is a fun thing to do and can be a way to hit the jackpot but make sure you're not spending spare money that's intended for your family's needs. But so you know that these can be an income drainer for those with the least amount of money to spare. Be extra cautious and aware of the risks if playing lottery gets addictive. Is it worth spending money on a lottery? Should you be trying your luck? Well, that's up to you.


  1. Playing lottery is like releasing your stress while getting some money on it.

  2. Who played the lottery? :D My mom! She's in heaven now. But, did you know that her lottery winnings has sent my little brother to school? It was the time when both my parents are not in good relationship. She play in small amounts and wins a lot. She was lucky. It had helped her in financial needs. Lottery has good and bad side, though. It depends on the person on how to play and use it.

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