Skincare tips: Improve the way you care for your skin #minnavi #미나비

Women aged faster than men especially those who work under pressure. A working mom, students, full-time mom or even a single woman can be under a lot of stress which can affect their skin appearance. While on stress, fine lines, wrinkles and pimple breakout can be seen to our face. Tthese are some of the skin problem women don't want to have. 

Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarette, unhealthy diet are some of the reasons why we age prematurely.Aside from the lifestyle factors, being unprotected from the sun can also be the cause of skin aging. 

Let's all admit that we cannot change the fact that all people will be under the natural aging process but we can influence some things that can affect our skin. So, what do we do? Here are the top things you must to reduce premature skin aging:

1. Sun protection: Use an umbrella or cover up with proper clothing. Even when the sun is hiding under the clouds, you still need to protect your skin by putting sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher (apply to exposed skin) 

2. Balance and healthy diet: We all need to eat a healthy, well-balanced food to have the necessary energy we need for our body to function well throughout the day. This can also help fight diseases and preventing skin damages that can lead to premature aging. 

3. Drink more water less alcohol: As I have mentioned earlier, drinking alcohol along with smoking cigarette can harm not only the inside of our body but also our skin. Alcohol dehydrates our body while smoking cigarette restricts the blood supply. The skin tissue will then be deteriorated which will make the skin look unhealthy. 

On the other hand, drinking the right amount of water a day (at least eight glasses) will give you a glowing skin. Research shows that it can help in the blood flow to our skin. Thus it will look hydrated, plump, and elastic which means wrinkles and pores is less visible.

4. Enough sleep: Sleep deprivation can increase the numbers of wrinkles, pores and even brown spots on our skin especially in the face area. Seven to eight hours of sleep every day helps eliminates the triggers of premature aging and skin discoloration. 

5. Regular Exercise: Exercise can help boost the immune system and the circulation of blood flow in the body that nourishes skin cells and makes our skin look younger.

6. Skincare routine:  A skincare routine can also revitalize aging of our skin. Wash your face gently with mild soap and apply moisturizer. These can help remove pollution, makeup, and other substances and hydrates your skin. 

Speaking of skincare, most Koreans have some of the best skin in the world! Do you agree? This makes many of us wonder how do they keep their skin looking healthy and beautiful. According to Korean beauty and lifestyle blogger of Sorabelle.com, Vicky Lee, "Korean skincare is all about layering. Toner, essence, serum, ampoule, moisturizer." But where do we find products that can revamp our skincare routine?

Minnavi, a well-known company that collaborates with top dermatologists in South Korea to create high-quality skincare products for all skin types including ampoules, sheet masks, moisturizers, toner, fluid, and much more. Minnavi's concept is customized skin care that's why they value their customers and only give them products that are effective and safe.

"Ampoule Concentrates" is one of the best-selling products from Minnavi. Six face oils are available according to skin needs in which, each ampoule focuses on an individual function (sensitivity, brightening, moisturizing, nourishing, vitality, and elasticity). While all are great for moisturizing and general skin health, each oil combination has a different focus on what it does best. The oil blends are cold-pressed and from all natural (100%) high-quality oils. No chemicals and toxic ingredients were added to these ampoules. They are vegan and cruelty-free. 

Time Release Delivery Fluid is a four-in-one (moisturizer + lotion + cream + essence all in one) product that's a replacement for moisturizer. The key ingredient is a patented ingredient called “Whitenol” that has a special ability to slowly penetrate deep into your skin throughout the day and known to give very strong skin lightening efficacy. Whitenol is 400 times stronger than Arbutin, which is most commonly used for whitening effect. Due to Whitenol and other patented ingredients, these products provide much longer hydration, moisturizing, and whitening effects for the skin. It's important to note that 'whitening' doesn't mean making your skin whiter but helping with pigmentation, uneven skin tones, and spots on your face for a 'brighter' look. 

HOW TO USE MINNAVI PRODUCTS: After cleansing, skin and applying toner (optional), squeeze a few drops of the Fluid and oils and mix into the palm of your hand. Apply evenly all over the face. You can use any combination of oils and amount. If you have oily skin, I would suggest 1-2 drops, but if you have dry skin or living in dry conditions, our customers use up to 4 or 5 drops. Feel free to use any combination based on what functions you would like to focus. Ampoules and fluid work best together, but oils can be used independently as well.

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