Three Common Duties Of A Certified Nurse Assistant

A certified nurse assistant or CNA is a nurse who works under supervision with a registered nurse to deliver care to those who need it. You can become a CNA by completing a training program, and if you are looking to go into a career in nursing but you want to test the waters first, becoming a CNA could be the way to do this. A CNA can take on many roles, providing care for all age groups and gaining valuable experience in the nursing field.

Taking Vital Signs

As a CNA, you will be expected to check patients’ vital signs as and when needed according to their care plan. You will be taught how to do pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature. Learning the normal for each of these depending on the age range and knowing when one isn’t right could save a life. Taking vital signs also gives you a chance to get to know your patients and talk to them, a chance that not all medical professionals get, meaning you can be a listening ear when they may need it most.

 Personal Care

Patients who are ill usually need help with their personal care. Parents may have other children and may not always have time to be at the Hospital or older people may need a bit of extra help. You may assist in any aspect of personal hygiene and feeding, helping the patient to be as comfortable as they can be whilst they are ill. Being able to shower may be a daily task for most people, but for those stuck in a hospital bed, it could make their day that bit better.

Assisting With Medical Procedures

A CNA may be asked to help with setting up medical equipment for a patient or a test that will be done by both nurses or doctors. You may be asked to lay out equipment for a medical examination and can be asked to help during these procedures. Sometimes a procedure may need extra support, especially if the patient is a child, as they tend not to want to sit still. Distraction can often be used when doing things such as taking blood and can make the job a lot less stressful for both patient and nurse alike.

Should I Become A CNA?

If you are passionate about caring for others and bringing a holistic approach to care, becoming a CNA is for you. Each state may have a different rate of pay for CNA’s than others, so check out the CNA salary in CT. You can advance your career further as a nurse if you’d like to, once you are a qualified CNA, and nursing can be a very rewarding career.

Becoming certified as a nursing assistant is a great way to start a career in nursing, whether you wish to progress or stay in the role. You will be the front line in noticing deterioration in patients and assisting them with their basic care needs in a rewarding role

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